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Air China completes the full baggage tracking pilot route test

News posted on: 2020/5/28 10:54:49 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Air China completes the full baggage tracking pilot route test

Air China completes the full baggage tracking pilot route test

Recently, Air China has successfully completed the test of the entire baggage tracking pilot route, and has realized the functions of tracking key nodes and inquiring passengers of Beijing-Chongqing round-trip baggage routes. Passengers can check the baggage transportation status from the time they check in their luggage at the airport.

According to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration, the pilot work used RFID (radio frequency identification technology) to obtain baggage transfer information at the Capital Airport and Jiangbei Airport using fixed equipment scanning and manual scanning, and passed the baggage data to Air China through the Air Easy Travel data platform APP. After completing the baggage check-in procedure, passengers can log in to the Air China APP, select "Itinerary", and find "More Services" on the itinerary details page-select "Luggage Inquiry" to check consignment, security, sorting, loading and transportation The status information of multiple baggage, such as loading, installation, etc., can keep track of the baggage in real time, and multiple pieces of baggage can also be viewed separately. Or, you can find the list of "Itinerary" through the "Itinerary" function key at the bottom of the home page. You can see the specific number of checked luggage after you have checked in. You can check the baggage status by clicking Enter. At the Beijing Capital Airport T3 terminal, passengers departing from Beijing can experience this service by checking their luggage at the artificial counter in Area K.

The baggage tag is the unique identification of air baggage, which is equivalent to the "identity card" of the baggage. Once, the earliest old-fashioned luggage tags needed to be filled in manually. Later, the destination information, that is, the airport code, was gradually preprinted on the label. Later, the designer also added a color scheme to help the bellman quickly identify the luggage at different destinations. But these are far from meeting the needs of the growing routes and the number of bags. At this time, custom printing and barcodes come in handy. At present, the common luggage strip uses a "complex composite" of silicon and plastic, which is cold and heat resistant. Airlines can track luggage in the entire airport area or even around the world through barcoded labels. In addition to barcodes, aviation luggage labels also print passengers ’names, flight information and destinations, which is what makes aviation luggage labels electronic Change.

As a pilot route for Air China's baggage tracking process, the transfer of checked baggage from the Air China Beijing-Chongqing round-trip route is just like the online shopping of passengers. Every moving node is clear and orderly. This form of baggage tracking uses the international advanced RFID baggage tracking technology. An RFID chip has been added to each baggage compartment. In the past, the information printed on the luggage strip needs to be obtained by optical scanning, and RFID uses the chip embedded in the luggage strip to identify the luggage identity information, which is not affected by the conditions of the luggage barcode position, quality, light and other conditions. The combination of RFID technology and baggage reconfirmation system can automatically collect baggage consignment, security check, sorting, baggage loading, loading and unloading and other node information, and finally form and output a complete baggage transmission link to realize the whole process of baggage tracking.

It is understood that after this pilot, Air China will continue to cooperate with all parties, and cooperate with airports in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other airports to expand the range of luggage tracking business destinations, use the airport's RFID facilities and equipment and the Air Easy Travel data platform, and add The promotion of the Big Owned Baggage Reconfirmation System (BRS), information sharing with alliances and joint partners, and improvement of the transportation service network for the whole process of baggage tracking.


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