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Application solutions of RFID technology in medical drug management

News posted on: 2020/6/1 13:33:37 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application solutions of RFID technology in medical drug management

Application solutions of RFID technology in medical drug management

First, establish the application of RFID technology and network technology to establish a drug management platform;

Second, construct an overall plan for drug management;

3. Network data reading and writing equipment composed of RFID technology and network single chip;

4. System software preparation;

5. The frequency setting adopted by the radio frequency identification cards used in different special medicines.

RFID electronic tags are implanted in the packaging of medicines. When the medicines leave the factory, they are registered with the medicine management database through RFID technology. The UHF RFID reading and writing equipment is provided in hospitals or pharmacies for medical staff to check the authenticity of the medicines, the date of shipment, or how to read the medicine And matters needing attention. When the drug is sold and used, the packaging label will be unsealed, and the ID number of the drug will be cancelled. The drug manufacturer can control the flow and sales of the drug through this system to adjust the production plan. Especially for the management of special drugs or prohibited drugs is more important.

The working process of RFID technology in medical drug management:

1. The reader sends a certain frequency RF signal through the antenna;

Second, when the RFID tag enters the magnetic field, it generates an induced current to obtain energy, and sends its own code and other information to the reader;

Third, the reader collects information and decodes it;

4. The RFID reader sends the information data to the host computer for processing.

RFID also has the following specific applications in the medical field:

UHF RFID medical consumables cabinet

The consumables cabinet uses the RFID technology to number each type and even each medicine, combined with the Honglu UHF reader and the matching antenna in the cabinet to obtain the position of the item, and realize the automatic control of the items in the RFID medical consumable cabinet Access, inventory and monitoring processes. Automatically scan and identify consumable information, track the entire supply process of medicines, monitor from application, procurement, acceptance, receipt, use and other processes, covering the entire use process of medicines, and provide accurate planning statistics and replenishment for hospitals, providing accuracy Data support.

Medical warehouse storage management

When the medicine goes in and out of the warehouse, the UHF RFID technology can realize batch data collection and quantity verification, which replaces the previous document operations. The operation data information is uploaded in real time and shared with the system in a wireless environment, which improves the efficiency of the operation and increases the operation The accuracy has improved the information level of the logistics center.

Medical spam information management

Through the cooperation of different hospitals and transportation companies, a traceable medical waste tracking system is established with the help of RFID technology to realize the full tracking of medical waste delivered to the treatment plant and avoid the illegal treatment of medical waste. At present, Japan has launched research in this area and achieved good results.

Blood Information Management

The application of RFID technology to blood management can effectively avoid the shortcomings of small barcode capacity, can achieve non-contact identification, reduce blood pollution, achieve multi-target identification, and improve data collection efficiency. Last year, it was reported that a research institute in the United States was testing an UHF RFID solution that tracked all samples through UHF readers and RFID tags to complete the inventory. The institute mainly focuses on testing hardware components, including many UHF RFID tags and UHF handheld terminals. At the same time, the team is exploring whether it can be scanned without opening the freezer.

Medical device and drug traceability

Accurately record items and patient identities through RFID technology, including basic information on product use, specific product information involved in adverse events, areas where the same quality problem product may occur, patients involved in the problem product, location of the problem product that has not been used, etc. Information, trace back to bad products and related patients, control all unused medical devices and drugs, and provide strong support for accident handling.


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