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From June 20th, Anhui Lu'an City will implement vehicle inspection electronic tags

News posted on: 2020/6/10 14:57:21 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

From June 20th, Anhui Lu'an City will implement vehicle inspection electronic tags

From June 20th, Anhui Lu'an City will implement vehicle inspection electronic tags

Everyone is quite familiar with the annual inspection logo in the upper right corner of the car windshield, but now this long-standing habit is about to change. From June 20th, Anhui Province will promote the application of electronic inspection marks for motor vehicles. Vehicles receiving electronic certificates for inspection marks will no longer need to attach paper marks.

It is understood that starting from June 20, Anhui Province will issue electronic vouchers for motor vehicle inspection marks through a nationwide unified Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform to provide electronic license services for motor vehicle owners, drivers and related enterprise industries, simplifying The application process reduces paper certification marks, eliminates the need for people to paste, and facilitates people to travel by car.

According to reports, for vehicles exempted from inspection within six years, motor vehicle owners can directly apply for electronic certificates of inspection marks. If they need to receive paper certificates, they can choose to send them by mail or pick them up at the vehicle management office. For on-line inspection vehicles, after the motor vehicle has passed the inspection, the owner of the motor vehicle can view and download the electronic certificate of the inspection mark online.

Fang Xia, Deputy Chief of the License Section of the Vehicle Management Office of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau: There are three methods of presentation, one is online presentation, the other is offline presentation, and the other is printed presentation, in paper form. Present it online, just show the voucher on 12123; the second way is offline, which is to download from the Anhui Traffic Management Comprehensive Service Application Platform; the third way is to download from the mobile phone and then print the paper, save it by yourself. This interface is only available after June 20, and there is this inspection-free electronic label interface.

The reporter learned that the electronic voucher of the motor vehicle inspection mark has the same effect as the paper voucher, and the public security traffic control department will not punish the vehicle for not placing (sticking) the inspection mark. The police will scan the QR code of the electronic voucher through the police law enforcement terminal to verify the validity of the electronic voucher and the state of the motor vehicle.


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