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How to use RFID tags to realize the digitization of fresh food prices in supermarkets

News posted on: 2020/6/24 13:13:17 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How to use RFID tags to realize the digitization of fresh food prices in supermarkets

How to use RFID tags to realize the digitization of fresh food prices in supermarkets

In recent years, the retail industry has shifted from a "goods and goods store" to a "goods and goods store", centering around consumers.

During the recovery of the epidemic, many retailers reorganized the product structure in order to meet people's normal life needs, which included category management and marketing. Especially high-consumption commodities such as fresh food and noodle products need to be replenished in time.

How to intelligently manage the products in the fresh area? Electronic tags give the answer.

Before the electronic label was launched on the store, due to the frequent price changes of fresh food, it took a lot of time to manually change the price through the paper price tag. The speed of price change was slow, which affected the operation efficiency of the store to a certain extent. The launch of electronic tags is a sword to solve the problem of frequent price change management in fresh areas.

The electronic label changes the price through the cloud platform on the computer side. The staff does not need to change the price tags one by one on the commodity shelf, just send the price change instruction on the cloud platform, and the electronic price tag on the shelf can receive the price change instruction through the intelligent gateway. Automatically refresh, display the latest price, and quickly complete the price change.

Electronic tags simplify the process of changing prices of products. Its cloud-based intelligent price change method changes the situation of manually changing price tags, greatly reducing labor costs, effectively improving the management efficiency of product prices, and even the operational efficiency of the entire store, helping store smart transformation.

Electronic tags support QR code display. Stores can be set up to display QR code link coupon collection, group joining, membership, cash register and other channels, consumers only need to scan, you can enter the page set by the store, thereby achieving the promotion of merchandise sales, improve membership management and Reduce the cash register pressure and other effects.

In addition to the basic intelligent price management function, the electronic label solution can also display the information of each type of product in the most visible way through the store ERP system and the label background management software.

Each electronic label can display the inventory of the bound goods, and the electronic label back-end system has regular inventory counting and automatic warning functions. When the shelf inventory is urgent, the system will remind the supermarket staff to replenish the goods in time, improve the work efficiency of the store staff, and grasp the perfect opportunity at the retail site.

Electronic tags provide retail enterprises with more professional digital store display solutions and a full range of smart store solutions, and provide powerful technological capabilities for digital transformation and upgrading of retail companies!


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