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Biorefinery uses RFID system to optimize operational data

News posted on: 2020/6/29 14:26:17 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Biorefinery uses RFID system to optimize operational data

Biorefinery uses RFID system to optimize operational data

Kathrein Solutions reports that a Nordic specialty cellulose and biorefining company is using RFID technology to streamline processes and make plant information more transparent.

The biorefining company currently has 255,000 tons of soluble cellulose, 120,000 tons of lignin and 14,000 tons of bioethanol. All products are derived from sustainable forestry.

Kathrein pointed out that the bioenergy generated by the streamlining process can be used internally to make the company practically independent of fossil energy. These products are mainly sold outside of Northern Europe, with the largest market in Asia. The company's goal is to adapt production and loading to shorter ship transportation loading and unloading times, thereby improving the efficiency of the entire value chain. The use of RFID systems to manage the transportation process can achieve this goal.

Biorefining companies are using RFID systems to streamline processes and simplify processes, and at the last step of the production line, RFID tags are attached to cellulose bags and packaging bags. The Kathrein Solutions RFID application robot can perform this operation completely automatically. In addition, Kathrein's CrossTalk software will automatically ensure that outgoing cargo information is linked to the merchandise management system.

Kathrein's passive UHF RFID access door automatically reads and records all transportation, intermediate storage and related process information at the entrance and exit of 12 halls. Then transmit the reading results to the logistics system in real time. In this way, when the ship is docked at the company-owned wharf for loading, the system has already generated a shipping list and then loaded it through a loading transponder equipped with an active RFID system.

When leaving the loading center, the reader can recognize the label on the packaging bag or cellulose bag in the truck and automatically associate it with it. At this time, the active RFID system will automatically record the loading situation of the truck at the dock. The CrossTalk software manages data from passive UHF RFID infrastructure and active RFID systems, which ensures end-to-end tracking of the plant from production to loading.

Biorefining company said that the combination of RFID system and CrossTalk AutoID platform can achieve permanent inventory transparency in all warehouses. This transparency helps optimize production management and raw material management, making data more transparent and immediately available.

RFID supports the loading process to reduce the occurrence of erroneous loading events, and incorrect operations during the loading process can also be largely avoided. Kathrein pointed out that streamlining the loading process also reduced the ship's berthing time, thereby reducing logistics costs.


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