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Use RFID chips to enhance consumer experience

News posted on: 2020/7/10 10:28:13 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Use RFID chips to enhance consumer experience

Use RFID chips to enhance consumer experience

Tea fraud has been around for a long time. Some people even summed up the top ten tea fraud technology secrets and ranked the severity of stars. "Out of nothing" topped the list with six stars. That is to make use of the chasing psychology of tea customers to make tea theories or stories, add "non-tea" synthetic artificial color tone fragrance, tea beauty technology, match the invincible aging and old technology, specifically aim at old tea customers, sell one Sky-high price.

In order to get rid of the fake and chaotic image of the tea industry, tea chain technology started from the source, using the distributed, tamper-resistant, highly transparent and traceable features of the blockchain, combined with the Internet of Things technology, to create tea from planting, picking, inspection, The whole process monitoring of processing, warehousing, warehousing, logistics, distribution, and retail, realize the information exchange of all links in the tea industry, truly restore the panorama of a tea leaf from tea tree to tea cup, establish a trusted system, and clean up the tea industry Positive source. At the same time, it also allows more ordinary consumers to drink their favorite tea.

In addition, tea chain technology also uses the world's unique identifiable number (unforgeable) RFID chip to stick on the outer packaging of tea. Consumers only need to scan the NFC anti-counterfeiting electronic label of tea or scan two-dimensional with their own NFC mobile phone. Code, you can view the on-site tea production environment and tea mountain light, humidity, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in the soil and other data, intuitively understand the various data information of the production environment, greatly improving the consumer experience.


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