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Nanjing strengthens traffic violation control, RFID upgrades electronic capture system

News posted on: 2020/7/27 15:44:19 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Nanjing strengthens traffic violation control, RFID upgrades electronic capture system

Nanjing strengthens traffic violation control, RFID upgrades electronic capture system

In order to further strengthen the management of electric bicycles, create a model city for safe development, reduce traffic violations, and standardize driving order, from July 20, the Nanjing Traffic Management Department took the lead in using RFID radio frequency technology to use electronic illegal captures throughout the city to drive electric bicycles. People running red lights, driving into a motor vehicle lane, driving in the opposite direction, not wearing a helmet and other illegal behaviors to take snapshots.

As early as July 1, 2019, the Nanjing Traffic Management Department began to capture non-motor vehicle traffic violations through facial recognition technology, and achieved good social effects.

In order to improve the accuracy of capture and the diversity of illegal data collection, Nanjing Traffic Management Department upgraded the illegal electronic capture of electric bicycle traffic. The new electronic capture device can not only compare the driver's identity information, but also read and compare the vehicle information through the RFID device information, thereby linking people and vehicles to make illegal captures more accurate. At the same time, the capture of illegal activities such as running red lights not only has fixed evidence of illegal pictures, but also illegal videos, so as to accurately distinguish traffic violations such as stopping and crossing the line and bypassing the red light.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology Helps New Upgrade of Electronic Capture

The new upgrade of electronic capture is based on RFID technology, the so-called RFID technology is radio frequency identification technology. The electronic tag in the number plate of the electric bicycle is read and identified by the electronic capture device to identify the identity information of the vehicle.

Starting from April 15, 2019, all newly-licensed electric bicycles in Nanjing will be issued with new-style number plates with RFID electronic tags. At the same time, starting from June this year, the city’s express delivery and takeaway distribution electric bicycles are also being replaced in batches. New special number plate with RFID chip. Electric bicycle number plates equipped with RFID electronic tags can not only enhance the anti-theft performance of the vehicle, but also have higher anti-counterfeiting properties.

After the electronic police successfully captures the illegal behavior, a back-end staff will review it. After the review is successful, the system will send a reminder message, and the illegal driver must go to the designated place for on-site treatment within 48 hours. If the illegal driver does not accept the punishment within the specified time, the traffic control department will serve him the "Notice of Handling of Road Traffic Safety Illegal Acts" and pursue his legal responsibility. At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Nanjing City Civilized Traffic Credit Management Implementation Rules", Credit to personal civilized traffic credit.


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