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The new building of the Shunde District Archives is officially opened to the outside world RFID achieves accurate file tracking

News posted on: 2020/8/4 15:11:41 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

The new building of the Shunde District Archives is officially opened to the outside world RFID achieves accurate file tracking

The new building of the Shunde District Archives is officially opened to the outside world RFID achieves accurate file tracking

According to Ye Huishi, the director of the Shunde District Archives, the director of the District Chronicles Office, and the director of the Party History Research Office of the District Committee, the Shunde Archives was originally located in the district government compound. Due to the continuous increase in the number of files, the warehouse has gradually expanded to many outside the museum. In this place, there are not only potential safety hazards, but also a lot of inconvenience for citizens to check and use. Now that the new museum is put into use, all kinds of files and materials have a centralized, safe, spacious and intelligent home. The reception capacity of the service hall is greatly strengthened. The public can consult and use in a comfortable environment and feel the archives, history and local conditions. The charm of the information provides good conditions. He stated that he would provide the public with as many archive history resources as possible, practice the work philosophy of "preserving history, policing, and educating people", and strive to build the new museum into a high-quality patriotic education base.

On the day of the opening day of the new library, the leaders and guests of the Shunde District Archives visited the exhibition hall, warehouse and various functional areas of the new building. When visiting the warehouse on the seventh floor, the staff demonstrated the RFID intelligent file management system. The positioning of each file. Wang Yong said: "Our management has been modernized, and the mental outlook of archivists has changed." Then he took out his mobile phone to share with everyone what he saw in 1958 when he browsed the archives in the old archives building on June 1. A few poems in the archives' summary-"Strengthen confidence and drive, share tens of millions of files, set personal tasks exceeding the quota, and guarantee to win the red star...", he hopes that the district archives will put these materials in the exhibition hall. The public exhibition continues this archival spirit.

According to reports, since the start of the revision of the first new local chronicles in Guangdong Province, the development of Shunde's geography has continued to expand and improve its quality. In 2018, Shunde became a pilot program for the third round of revisions to the Guangdong Province. It simultaneously promotes the revision of town and village chronicles, departmental records, and professional chronicles, and shoulders the mission of exploring the way for the third round of revisions of the province. Liu Wei affirmed the work of local chronicles in Shunde District and expected Shunde to take the local chronicles museum as the starting point, adhere to the principle of people-oriented, base on the local conditions, highlight the characteristics, and serve the society, strengthen the construction of specialization and standardization, and build the local chronicles museum into a geographical display center , Geographic Information Collection Center, Digital Geographic Information Service Center, and Regional Culture Research Center, to make the Local Chronicles Museum a beautiful business card to promote local culture and local chronicle culture, serving the party committee and government, serving economic and social development, and serving the people. Position, make more and greater contributions to the cause of local history.


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