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Started RFID electric vehicle capture system everywhere, caught a fine

News posted on: 2020/8/7 14:28:45 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Started RFID electric vehicle capture system everywhere, caught a fine

Started RFID electric vehicle capture system everywhere, caught a fine

Electric vehicles have become an indispensable means of transportation for the common people. Electric cars are still very important to the common people. It is very convenient to go out to buy a food or pick up children to and from school. However, since China launched the new national standard electric vehicle policy, Many people say that their travel has been greatly affected.

To give a simple example: some electric vehicles now have to wear helmets when they go out, especially since August, as long as some urban electric vehicle owners don’t wear helmets, they will be fined if they are caught by electronic eyes. For example, Nanjing in China has started to start the electronic capture system of rfid radio frequency technology at the end of July.

In addition, in some other areas of our country, there are also many electric bicycle owners who are caught by electronic eyes because they are not wearing helmets or because they are not driving on the driving lane of non-motorized vehicles. In the end, they will be directly punished, such as in Kunming, Yunnan, China, has issued the first electronically captured electric car ticket. The driver of the electric car was fined 50 yuan for various reasons.

For the owners of electric vehicles who have begun to strictly install electronic eyes to capture the roads and not abide by the traffic rules in various regions of our country, Pharaoh personally thinks it is very necessary. Some car owners believe that only in this way can the road traffic conditions become better, and now many electric vehicles The owner of the car really does not abide by the traffic rules, which is very dangerous.

As an electric car owner, Pharaoh himself also abides by the traffic rules when he rides an electric car. He never runs red lights or crosses the road. You must know that if there is a traffic accident, it is too late to regret.


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