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Beijing promotes the use of seedling electronic tags

News posted on: 2020/8/17 16:32:39 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Beijing promotes the use of seedling electronic tags

Beijing promotes the use of seedling electronic tags

In the new round of afforestation projects in Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Landscaping Bureau promoted the use of electronic tags for seedlings to achieve the traceability of seedling quality.

Beijing nursery stock electronic label includes information such as production and operation license, origin quarantine certificate, and nursery stock label. It adopts an irreversible lock design and is unique. The principle of “who receives, binds, and who is responsible” is implemented. After the nursery receives the electronic label, the nursery stock information must be uploaded to the platform to take effect, eliminating shoddy products. Through the back-end data sharing of electronic tags, the number of quarantine certificates of origin can be linked to the number of labels used, reducing the occurrence of applying behaviors. The public can learn about tree species by scanning the QR code of the electronic tag.

In order to improve the survival rate of the new round of afforestation seedlings of one million acres, the Beijing Municipal Landscaping Bureau has developed a "mobile forestry" APP, including on-site quarantine, management of out of the nursery, label binding, nursery nursery, RFID traceability, two-dimensional code traceability, and legal There are 8 sections of regulations, notices and announcements, covering all the application scenarios of seedling production and operation, and quarantine of origin. The management department can basically understand the situation of Beijing's nursery nursery and nursery nursery dispatching and transportation through the background data retrieval.


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