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Beidou+RFID: Xiamen uses Internet of Things technology for fishing vessel management

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Beidou+RFID: Xiamen uses Internet of Things technology for fishing vessel management

Beidou+RFID: Xiamen uses Internet of Things technology for fishing vessel management

As my country completes the deployment of the Beidou global satellite navigation system constellation, Beidou related industries will enter a period of rapid development. In the use of "Beidou+" to develop the digital economy, the Information Group continues to innovate and make breakthroughs to achieve innovative applications in multiple scenarios.

In the process of promoting the development of marine digital economy in Xiamen, the Beidou Smart Ocean Cloud Platform created by Information Group has played an important role. With it, the fishery supervision department can obtain real-time information such as ship location, crew information, port entry and exit status, alarm response, etc., realize dynamic monitoring and visual display of information, and help improve enterprise production efficiency, reduce fishing vessel energy consumption, illegal sewage discharge, and marine pollution. Floating garbage can't escape its "legal eye" to realize the technological innovation, transformation and upgrading of the marine industry.

The relevant person in charge of the Information Group said that he actively responded to the "One Belt One Road" initiative, guided by the strategic deployment of building a "marine power", invested in the construction of the Beidou ground-based augmentation system covering Xiamen and nearby waters, and provided Beidou high-precision positioning differential information data and horizontal navigation The accuracy level is less than 1 meter. In addition, it has also created a "fishing vessel navigation and safety equipment and fishing vessel dynamic management platform" to equip thousands of fishing vessels in Xiamen waters with Beidou-based "electronic identification cards" (RFID identification terminals) and anti-collision systems (AIS onboard automatic Identification system) to minimize the occurrence of marine accidents.

In addition, through the use of the Beidou system, innovative creation of the "urban traffic brain": Beidou transportation comprehensive operation coordination and emergency command center, traffic big data analysis application platform, build urban traffic "digital network", for related departments in the traffic data sharing, operation monitoring , Dynamic early warning and other aspects provide data support and information services to achieve real-time warning of traffic jams, flexible timing and optimization of traffic signal lights, and timely warning of traffic accidents, etc., to enhance the convenience of citizens' transportation.

At the same time, focusing on the areas of urban smart public transport and smart taxis, we have undertaken to build the country’s first provincial public transport industry supervision service platform, as well as smart public transport management platforms in more than 70 cities across the country, allowing citizens to view bus arrival and departure information in real time And the degree of congestion in the car; built the country’s first municipal taxi industry supervision system covering two types of online car-hailing and cruise cars, and installed Beidou positioning products for more than 40,000 taxis, realizing one platform to manage one The goal of the industry: Relying on the self-developed Beidou location information service cloud platform, it can accurately track more than 120,000 two-passenger and one-risk, muck trucks, sanitation vehicles, school buses and other key operating vehicles in real time, and use information technology to help drive safety.