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Xinjiang Electric Power Company promotes the construction of physical "ID" RFID technology is the key to success

News posted on: 2020/11/25 15:41:55 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Xinjiang Electric Power Company promotes the construction of physical "ID" RFID technology is the key to success

Xinjiang Electric Power Company promotes the construction of physical "ID" RFID technology is the key to success

Transition from physical management to digital and value-based management——Xinjiang Electric Power Company continues to promote the construction of physical “ID”

Xinjiang Electric Power Company, as the promotion unit for the construction of the unified identity code for power grid assets (hereinafter referred to as the physical "ID"), earnestly implemented the relevant system, standards and implementation plan requirements of the head office, and completed the transformation of the information system with the physical "ID" as the link , Incremental equipment control, code and labeling of inventory equipment, and data traceability. The physical "ID" Internet of Things technology uses radio frequency identification (RFID), laser scanners, infrared sensors, global positioning systems and other information sensing devices to connect items to the Internet according to an agreed protocol for information exchange and communication. A network technology. RFID has the characteristics of fast and intelligent identification, making it the mainstream technology for future cargo identification and tracking. Therefore, RFID will become one of the key supports for power Internet of Things technology.

The company’s physical "ID" construction work is conducive to adapting to the new round of power reform requirements, deepening the overall asset management method system, and improving the level of lean asset management; it is conducive to exploring decision-making support technologies suitable for the era of big data and promoting all aspects of asset management Collaborative and efficient operation; it is conducive to unifying asset management information standards and realizing the whole process of asset management business. The company will continue to summarize the work experience of physical "ID" construction, carry out the application management and control of physical ID in the entire life cycle of equipment, realize all aspects of equipment management, and control the data application of the whole process. On the basis of the physical "ID", carry out the research on the quality of the supplier's equipment in the material bidding link, and the information display of the whole process of equipment logistics; use the physical "ID" as the index to study the progress of the equipment installation progress, construction safety and quality at the project site Application: Use the physical "ID" as the identification to carry out the deepening application of transportation inspection and financial intelligent inventory, and optimize the intelligent inventory function of physical ID assets.

Through the construction of the physical "ID" of power grid assets, using RFID, mobile smart terminals and other means, through various business links, realizing the identification and tracking of the whole life cycle of physical objects, and building power grid equipment procurement, equipment distribution, engineering construction, fixed assets, equipment inspections, and defects , Maintenance integrated operation management, equipment scrapping and other asset life-cycle information management, can strengthen the business coordination level of various departments of the company, greatly improve the efficiency of asset management, and promote the enterprise management model from "divisional and phased functional management" Transition to the direction of "linkage and collaborative process management", promote the coordination and unification of the management objectives of various departments, realize the symmetry and full sharing of cross-departmental information, promote the vertical integration and horizontal coordination of the enterprise, and form a closer grouping whole, which unifies the company's entire business The construction and application of data centers and big data provides useful experience, which can effectively promote the transformation of company asset management from physical management to "digital management" and to value management.


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