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Chongqing Yubei large-warehouse fully applies JD Logistics RFID intelligent warehousing solution

News posted on: 2021/1/28 14:45:32 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Chongqing Yubei large-warehouse fully applies JD Logistics RFID intelligent warehousing solution

Chongqing Yubei large-warehouse fully applies JD Logistics RFID intelligent warehousing solution

On January 26, following the landing of the 5G smart logistics park in Beijing Yayi, another independent innovation technology of JD in the field of smart logistics-RFID smart warehousing solution was fully applied in Chongqing Yubei large-scale automation warehouse. Next, the This technology will be replicated and promoted in hundreds of large warehouses, including Asia One. At the same time, this technology has extremely high reproducibility and will be fully open and shared to brand manufacturers in the field of home appliances and furniture, and applied to Xincang Planning and renovation of old warehouses provide a path for digital and intelligent upgrades in the field of bulk logistics.  

This means that JD Logistics Technology has achieved a new breakthrough in the field of large-scale warehousing automation under the guidance of the concept of "simplification and complexity". After Chongqing, the solution is initially implemented in Ningbo's large-scale automated warehouse, and has begun to participate in the operation guarantee work for the New Year’s Festival.

RFID radio frequency identification is a non-contact automatic identification technology. This technology uses RFID electronic tags to replace the original product barcodes. Based on the RFID batch and radio frequency non-line-of-sight reading capabilities, it can realize batch inventory and batch review. It can be applied In various complex environments. JD Logistics has fully explored the application scenarios of RFID, and created a richer, more practical, and newly upgraded intelligent brain, namely the large-scale WMS system. Through self-developed algorithm engine and engineering, it gives full play to the application advantages of this technology in the warehousing field. It is predicted that the RFID smart warehousing solution will increase the efficiency of warehouse inventory by more than 10 times, the efficiency of review by 5 times, and the overall efficiency of warehouse operations will increase by 300%.

For a long time, large commodities such as refrigerators and color TVs are large in size, heavy in weight, diverse in packaging specifications, low in automation, many warehousing links are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the error rate of goods in and out of the warehouse is high, which has brought great challenges to warehousing and transportation. Jingdong Logistics The first introduction of RFID technology into the supply chain logistics scene not only greatly reduces the burden on the staff, improves efficiency, but also contributes to the stability and upgrade of the new year's supply chain. It is worth mentioning that the use of new technology can achieve batch inventory, and the inventory efficiency is more than 10 times that of traditional operation methods. It helps the staff to say goodbye to the heavy physical and repetitive labor of inventory. A freight driver sighed, "The efficiency of the warehouse's review and delivery has also improved a lot. In the past, cars were waiting for goods, but now they are waiting for goods. This has changed a lot."

The implementation of RFID smart storage solutions provides opportunities for transformation and upgrading of the supply chain. The current year coincides with the New Year’s Day, the rare cold weather continues, and the number of air conditioners out of stock has peaks. At the same time, more and more families choose to stay in place for the new year due to the need for epidemic prevention and control. This has caused a wave of "home appliances replacement." "The shipment of refrigerators, color TVs, washing machines, home textiles and sanitary wares has also increased.

The commissioning of Chongqing Yubei's large-scale automation warehouse has realized an efficiency revolution in the field of supply chain logistics, and has greatly assisted the stable operation of the New Year's Day promotion. At the same time, as the technology is implemented in more warehouses, it will help partners achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement and enhance deep-seated value. For consumers, the intelligent upgrade of JD Logistics' large-warehouses will also greatly enhance people's consumer experience when buying large-size goods.


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