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Nantong Rural Commercial Bank promotes digital financial inclusion RFID technology to achieve precision file management

News posted on: 2021/2/24 16:45:37 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Nantong Rural Commercial Bank promotes digital financial inclusion RFID technology to achieve precision file management

Nantong Rural Commercial Bank promotes digital financial inclusion RFID technology to achieve precision file management

In 2020, Nantong Rural Commercial Bank will vigorously implement the "digital financial transformation and development" strategy, make full use of its own financial service advantages, continuously strengthen financial technology innovation, and promote high-quality development across the bank. The bank's financial technology innovation pilot branch-Xincheng branch In the whole year, there was a net increase of 1,350 small and micro credit customers with an amount of 258,544,600 yuan, and a net increase of 1,473 credit loans with an amount of 272,368,600 yuan. With 1/10 of the bank's marketing staff, it has completed 1/5 of the bank's personal loan households, 1/4 of the business loan households, and 1/3 of the small and micro loan households.

The business model is digitized, and the development of inclusive finance has embarked on the "fast lane". In 2019, the bank began to explore the research and development of a smart micro-loan system and apply big data technology to achieve automatic search, refresh, screening and allocation of target customers, and to improve the bank's precision marketing capabilities. Realize the overall management of marketing plans, marketing plans, and marketing results, forming an end-to-end full-process marketing management process, sales lead management, etc. covering pre-marketing, marketing, and post-marketing. Focus on the search for target customer groups, market activity management, evaluation, customer product recommendation, including marketing activity management and tracking records, sales lead management, etc. Since the system went live in April 2020, a number of loans have been steadily operated. Through pure online operations, the success rate of customer acquisition has increased by 50%, the production of credit materials has increased by 60%, the approval efficiency has increased by 70%, and the entire process of paperless office , Really achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

The operation supports the technologicalization and promotes the continuous doubling of efficiency. In recent years, the bank has continued to build financial technology application scenarios in the industry around the construction and optimization of the four financial technology platforms of face recognition, intelligent voice, cloud computing, and big data platforms. One is to use RPA software robot technology to improve the efficiency of credit card issuance and completely replace manual operations such as extraction and entry of basic information. Compared with manual operation, the robot operating speed can reach at least 200% of the manual processing speed, and it can also achieve 24-hour work. The second is that the CFCA process engine helps branch managers to sign online, realizing online authentication such as credit inquiry, sub-branch seals, loan approvals, etc., completely liberating branch managers, and the data generated by this technology is easy to verify and save, and signatures and seals are available. Traces can be followed, which improves the security of branch operations to a certain extent. The third is RFID technology to achieve precise file management. Through the establishment of a file management system, a complete file management process can be realized through a PC, an RFID handset, a roll of RFID tags, and an RFID channel reader. Real-time monitoring of the file entry and exit has increased the security of the files. The Xincheng Sub-branch has completed more than 1,000 ordinary loan files and more than 6,000 vehicle installment loan files. Fourth, the face recognition technology carries out precision marketing in the hall. The customer information is collected through the camera, and the back-end comparison is used to accurately identify the customer. Later, combined with the data processing capabilities of the big data platform, the online and offline are fully integrated, and customer information is pushed in real time. , It is convenient to provide customers with personalized service and consultation, and realize the effective deployment of service resources.

Products and services are open, and the financial service system is constantly enriched. Continuously enrich the online product system through independent innovation and cooperative innovation. On the one hand, with the help of big data to "dig gold mines" for existing customers, the pure credit loan product-Tongtongdai was launched in April last year, and the online and offline parallel review method was adopted. Through the drainage of the existing Jinbei instant loan business customers, the online push of the CROS system preliminary review results, the account manager adopts the Deutsche Bank micro-loan technology to conduct offline parallel field investigations, increase the credit line according to the actual operating conditions, and enhance the value of the existing customers , To create a "pathfinder" for digital transformation. As of the end of last December, a total of 99 Tongtong loans with an amount of 13.535 million yuan have been issued. On the other hand, during the epidemic, the bank gave full play to the advantages of contactless service of independent innovation loans, supported the credit needs of enterprises and individuals during the epidemic, and developed the first pure online business loan product based on local corporate tax data-Jinbei Mutual Loans, comprehensively using risk control models such as RAROC risk pricing model, anti-fraud model, and big data model, provide local customers with credit services for daily production and operation turnover throughout the entire process. As of the end of December last year, the product has granted credit to 585 The accumulative credit amount was 84.52 million yuan, with 385 credit accounts and the balance was 50,337,600 yuan.


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