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Yantai's power supply and power supplies reserve equipped with RFID technology

News posted on: 2021/5/7 9:54:01 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Yantai's power supply and power supplies reserve equipped with RFID technology

Yantai's power supply and power supplies reserve equipped with RFID technology

On April 20, in the automated and non-probabilistic professional warehouse of the Bajiao Power Supply Station in Yantai Development Zone, State Grid Yantai Power Supply Company's Taiwan District Manager Wang Jianbin entered the production warehouse through face recognition and used the RFID radio frequency sensorless acquisition system to self-help the day. For materials such as cables and wires required for construction, the system automatically records the requisition information and updates the inventory status in real time, which reduces the cumbersome use of paper requisition records, and the requisition of materials can be completed in only one third of the original time. After the completion of the construction, the surplus materials will be returned to the warehouse through the system to realize the self-service and intelligentization of the collection and return, which is truly convenient, fast and efficient.

Since the beginning of this year, Yantai Power Supply Company has taken the lead in launching a pilot application of automated and non-probabilistic professional warehouse management at Bajiao Power Station, achieving efficient material inventory, precise positioning, and intelligent warehousing to promote the construction of differentiated professional warehouses. One of the most important technologies is the non-inductive use of RFID. Through the configuration of label printers, smart access control all-in-one machines, RFID handhelds, various RFID tags, etc., use RFID and AI face recognition technology to carry out the management of personnel and materials in three rooms and one warehouse, replacing the previous manual registration operation link, and realizing warehouse materials Automated and non-influenced management of warehouse entry and exit. RFID radio frequency antennas are set up at the entrance of the warehouse to identify the RFID tags of spare parts and tools in and out of the warehouse. All assets and equipment need to be affixed with RFID tags. When materials are put into storage, RFID electronic tags need to be established to synchronously generate a unique material code. According to the material code, the RFID label printer automatically prints the equipment name, specification, code and other information on the blank RFID and generates the equipment QR code. At the same time, the RFID label printer transfers the material The information is bound to the RFID chip information, and different label installation methods can be selected according to equipment of different shapes, materials, and specifications. When picking up supplies, you can display the location of the item by simply "scanning the code", which is convenient and fast.

It is understood that the Yantai Power Supply Company takes the online digital management of global materials as a powerful means to improve the efficiency of resource allocation and utilization and create a new highland of material management. It regularly conducts work discussions and strongly promotes the implementation of measures to build a comprehensive city-county vertical integration and professional horizontal collaboration. Chain propulsion system. Led by the material department, give full play to the main role of professional departments, and guide and standardize the management of professional warehouses in cities and counties, power supply stations, and teams on the spot. Up to now, there are 1 turnover warehouse, 10 terminal warehouses, and 231 registered professional warehouses. Take the lead in establishing a supply chain operation center in the whole province to realize the five functions of “operation analysis and decision-making, resource optimization allocation, risk control and early warning, data asset application, emergency deployment command”, and big data integration analysis to optimize the network layout of professional warehouses, and rationally reserve materials. Efficient supply provides decision support. All supporting materials for the expansion of the industry use physical inventory, and the material reserve meets the standard of "requisition and construction". The TMS system is applied, and the methods of independent acquisition, on-demand distribution and cooperation with social logistics units are adopted to carry out intelligent material distribution services to achieve " The same day delivery within the same city and the next day delivery across the city" strongly and efficiently supported the construction of the regional distribution network.

At the same time, it has carried out paperless office, fully realized the electronic circulation of material business settlement documents, supplier online drawing confirmation, delivery order, delivery circulation order, cargo material insurance policy online "cloud signature" and payment processing "cloud settlement" "Let data run more, suppliers run less errands, promote the effective time of relevant documents to shorten an average of 5 working days, and the approval time to shorten an average of 8 working days, which directly improves the office efficiency of suppliers and effectively reduces supplier costs by more than 18 million. Yuan, the optimization of the business environment around "things" has been implemented layer by layer and step by step.


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