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Ningbo City uses RFID technology to upgrade electronic fences to achieve precise parking of shared bicycles

News posted on: 2021/5/17 10:14:25 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Ningbo City uses RFID technology to upgrade electronic fences to achieve precise parking of shared bicycles

Ningbo City uses RFID technology to upgrade electronic fences to achieve precise parking of shared bicycles

The citizen Mr. Huang wanted to rush to work, and hurriedly returned the small walking motorcycle, but he couldn't return it for a while. At this time, the system reminds that the car is not perpendicular to the yellow line in the middle of the parking frame. Mr. Huang parked the vehicle again and returned it smoothly. "Ningbo's shared motorcycle management is really high-tech." Mr. Huang said.

In Ningbo, digital support for electronic fence management of shared (electric) bicycles has enabled approximately 100,000 shared (electric) bicycles to be parked neatly and flowed in an orderly manner, which has become a civilized landscape of the city.

90° parking is an upgraded version of the electronic fence for shared motorcycles such as Xiaoyu and Hello. Parking at 90° requires the user not only to park the vehicle in a designated area, but also to place the vehicle at an angle perpendicular to the road. Currently, this technology is implemented on Xiaoyao and Haro motorcycles. "Small motorcycles were launched in 2018, and the first batch of second-generation vehicles currently on the market have basically entered the renewal period. All vehicles will be updated to third-generation vehicles before May 15 and will be parked at 90°." Director Wang Xiaolin introduced.

On the basis of 90° parking, Xiaoyu motorcycles are the first to use RFID technology in Yinzhou District. Many cyclists have seen that there is a yellow "civilized parking induction line" in the middle of some parking spaces of small walking motorcycles. This induction line is equipped with a chip. It is in conjunction with the RFID detection on the body of the small walking motorcycle. Device induction recognition, only when the car is parked in the designated area and the chip is sensed, the user is allowed to return the car. The parking technology can achieve an accuracy of ±10 cm, which can ensure that the vehicle is parked more neatly. “In the past, street patrols had to spend a lot of energy on setting up cars in addition to changing electricity, washing, and inspecting vehicles. With RFID technology, parking was much more tidy, and our workload was reduced by about one-third.” Responsible for the southern part of Yinzhou Said Xiaopan, a street ranger in the area.

In addition to shared bicycles, half of Ningbo's shared (electric) bicycles are Haro shared bicycles. Hello shared bicycles have completely eliminated the old vehicles and replaced them with the latest models of A55 bicycles. The new bicycle is lighter and more comfortable to ride. The Beidou positioning module has also been added to improve the accuracy of vehicle positioning.

In terms of "soft management", Haro Travel has set up no-parking zones in high-density regional centers such as major business districts, communities, and hospitals to prevent vehicles from entering a closed environment to return vehicles. At the same time, a pilot project for bicycle return at designated locations in Yinzhou District has been established to achieve The bicycles are returned at fixed locations and located to solve the problem of random parking of bicycles in the back streets and alleys.


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