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Hebei Baoding uses RFID technology to build a smart reading space

News posted on: 2021/6/24 8:53:53 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Hebei Baoding uses RFID technology to build a smart reading space

Hebei Baoding uses RFID technology to build a smart reading space

Recently, the construction of the Boye County Library in Baoding City, Hebei Province has been completed. It will provide the citizens of Boye County with more comfortable, smarter, and more intimate book reading services, allowing them to enjoy reading at home.

Smart environment to share "pleasure" reading

The museum is spacious, bright and transparent, and its simple style reveals warmth, wisdom and agility. The library currently has more than 15,700 books on the books. Combining RFID technology, it has introduced intelligent software equipment such as Tianju book inventory system, self-service borrowing, returning and issuing all-in-one machine, book retrieval machine, disinfection cabinet, mobile book return box, RFID security door, etc., effectively solving the traditional The complicated process of borrowing and returning books in the library and the heavy workload of inventory and searching have made the service and management of the library more and more intelligent. Citizens can borrow books by themselves through ID card, reading card, face/fingerprint recognition, etc., and the borrowing operation can be completed in 30 seconds, allowing them to enjoy the awesome technology borrowing experience.

The self-borrowing service of Boye County Library in Baoding City, Hebei has become an innovative library service model, which not only provides citizens with more convenient reading services, but also promotes the in-depth development of reading activities for the whole people. In addition to providing reading services, the library can also carry out various forms of cultural activities. Whether you are ignorant children, young people seeking knowledge, or seniors in sixties, you can explore the sea of books, taste the fragrance of books, and spend a good "happy" reading time here. .


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