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Three development directions of RFID technology in the future

News posted on: 2021/7/1 11:22:46 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Three development directions of RFID technology in the future

Three development directions of RFID technology in the future

In the early stage of RFID entering the Chinese market, its development mainly relied on government guidance. The most important thing was some closed-loop projects led by the state. Most of these applications were concentrated in high-frequency applications. Therefore, after years of development, domestic manufacturers in the field of high-frequency RFID chip design, manufacturing, ticket production technology, packaging technology, etc. have shown strong competitive strength and advantages.

However, in recent years, with the rapid economic development, the demand of various industries to use information technology to improve efficiency has become stronger and stronger. UHF RFID has begun to enter all industries and become the mainstream of future development. In general, the development of RFID technology presents the following directions.

Better encryption capabilities

Three development directions of RFID technology in the future

With the rapid development of RFID technology and the continuous reduction of the production cost of RFID electronic tags, the application of RFID tag anti-counterfeiting technology has also been greatly popularized, highlighting the demand in the fields of transportation, ticketing security, and product anti-counterfeiting.

Compared with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, the advantage of RFID is that each tag has a globally unique UID number, and it also has storage space with encryption function, which can carry more encrypted information or store data related to actual applications. information. No matter from the perspective of security or application flexibility, RFID tag anti-counterfeiting technology has unparalleled advantages.

The system is developing towards integration and miniaturization

As RFID technology began to be used in more and more industries, RFID began to integrate with printing, papermaking, and packaging technologies, which further enriched the types of products and more and more application scenarios.

As the application of RFID systems continues to mature, the development trend of RFID reader design and manufacturing is toward multi-function, multi-interface, multi-standard, and toward modularization, miniaturization, portable, and embedded. At the same time, multi-reader coordination and networking technology will become one of the future development directions.

Integrated with the sensor

In recent years, more and more manufacturers have begun to combine RFID technology with sensor technology. The new RFID sensor tag incorporates sensing capabilities into the original functional characteristics of the tag, which greatly improves the tag's function and application flexibility.

At present, the most widely used RFID sensor tags are temperature sensor tags, such as sensor tags for monitoring tire temperature and pressure, tags for real-time monitoring and management of blood quality, and tags for temperature monitoring and traceability of medical cold chain logistics, etc. Wait. In addition, it also has applications in warehousing and logistics, electricity, medical care, automobiles, and agriculture. With the increase of related exploration, there will be more and more application fields.


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