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Inner Mongolia Mobile deploys the first domestic warehouse inspection robot

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Inner Mongolia Mobile deploys the first domestic warehouse inspection robot

Inner Mongolia Mobile deploys the first domestic warehouse inspection robot

At the 13th China Logistics and Supply Chain Information Conference held recently, Inner Mongolia Mobile's "Warehouse Inspection and Inventory Robot System" was awarded the 2021 Excellent Case Award for Intelligent Logistics Technology and Equipment Innovation Application by China Logistics and Purchasing Network.

The C01 warehouse of China Mobile's Hohhot data center was put into operation in 2016, with a construction area of 12,000 square meters, providing centralized warehousing and distribution services of communication construction materials for 12 mobile branch companies in the district. There are many types, large quantities, and high value of equipment in the warehouse, and warehouse inspection personnel are required to have a considerable professional knowledge background. It is not easy to recruit and train new people. In addition, due to the huge warehouse area and high requirements for fire prevention, theft prevention, moisture prevention, insect prevention, and deformation prevention, it is difficult for manual inspections to ensure the timeliness of corresponding problem discovery and early warning.

Relying on 5G technology, Inner Mongolia Mobile successfully deployed the first domestic warehousing inspection and inventory robot project, realizing "one-click" intelligent warehousing management. It is understood that the inspection and inventory robot integrates many functions such as map recognition, path planning, autonomous navigation and movement, intelligent obstacle avoidance, target object recognition, RFID inventory, etc., making the management of large-scale warehouses simple, efficient and safe.

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At the warehouse inventory site, the robot walks from one end of the aisle to the other according to the pre-planned route. The camera can clearly scan all the materials in the 9-meter-high shelves on the left and right sides, and the scanned RFID tag information is configured on the robot. The 5G communication module is transmitted to the back-end server in real time, and the back-end server compares the scanned RFID tag information with the inventory data, and the warehouse manager can see the inventory result on the system display page. According to reports, after the patrol inventory robot is launched, the efficiency of warehouse material storage, delivery, inventory, and shift has been greatly improved, and the inspection and inventory time of large-scale warehouses has been shortened from two days to two hours, which effectively guarantees the progress of the project. Accuracy of inventory, while greatly reducing warehousing outsourcing management costs.

In addition, the robot is also equipped with an infrared thermal imager, a visible light camera, a temperature and humidity sensor, etc., which can capture the surface temperature of objects in the warehouse in real time, take photos of the fire escape, and record the temperature and humidity data in the warehouse. If an abnormal situation is found, the robot can be displayed on the warehouse monitoring page in the form of an alarm pop-up window, and the warehouse management staff can find out and deal with it in time. The Internet of Things technology and sensor technology have truly realized the functions of intelligent temperature and humidity monitoring, intelligent fire extinguisher monitoring and other functions, greatly improving the warehouse fire safety early warning capabilities