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RFID technology explores interactive advertising scenes

News posted on: 2021/7/8 15:32:36 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology explores interactive advertising scenes

RFID technology explores interactive advertising scenes

Nowadays, our daily life is inseparable from seamless and unobtrusive advertising, which is also a notable feature of modern commercial society. With the continuous development of various digital technologies, the sensitive advertising industry cannot fail to grasp this trend. In this context, RFID, one of the key technologies in the wireless identification field, has deeply integrated with the advertising industry.

In the fierce market competition, more and more advertisements are developing in the direction of customization, contextualization and interaction. In the past, companies would deliver unified advertising to all audiences. Now, due to digital transformation, this advertising method has been replaced by more personalized and data-driven methods.

The development of the Internet of Things technology is one of the main factors that facilitate the acquisition of customer data to create personalized advertisements. Take some brand clothing companies as an example. They will install fixed readers in their stores to read the RFID electronic tags on the clothing. When a customer picks up a piece of clothing, the electronic screen in the store will automatically show that the model is wearing The same clothes on the catwalk. This is because the RFID tags on the clothes are read, and then the relevant information is transmitted to the background. This way is concealed and natural, which can greatly increase the customer's consumption experience and promote sales.

The domestic media giant Focus Media launched a new interactive advertising model based on geographic location services. This new model realizes the "dual screen integration" of mobile phone screens and LCD screens, which greatly enhances the interactive nature of advertising. And Focus Media has an RFID reader on the screen, which supports NFC technology. The interaction between elevator TV screens and mobile phones formed by NFC technology can directly lead to transactions, bringing users a brand-new shopping experience.


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