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Hangzhou Yuhang electric bicycles use RFID technology to efficiently manage

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Hangzhou Yuhang electric bicycles use RFID technology to efficiently manage

Hangzhou Yuhang electric bicycles use RFID technology to efficiently manage

Enter the frame number on the mobile phone to find all the information of the electric bicycle you want to buy, avoiding the problems of assembly and modification of the electric bicycle; when confirming the transaction, consumers only need to scan the electronic payment code, and the payment is successful It can also be on-site, and the entire transaction process is subject to supervision, which is convenient and safe. On July 8, Hangzhou Yuhang District held an electric bicycle collaborative smart governance management platform work promotion meeting. At the scene, staff were introducing the electric bicycle collaborative smart governance platform.

Electric bicycles bring convenience to citizens' daily travel, but problems such as speeding, irregular helmet wearing, assembling and refitting also bring huge hidden dangers to traffic safety. According to statistics, among traffic fatal cases, the number of cases related to electric bicycles is the majority, and the road safety problem of electric bicycles is particularly prominent.

Using digital means to break through traditional supervision methods, Yuhang has innovatively launched an electric bicycle collaborative smart governance management platform to solve the safety problems related to electric bicycles. The platform integrates eight major functions such as online transactions, merchant credit, vehicle registration, and illegal monitoring. Through the construction of a product information resource database and three platforms including capital management and control, risk early warning, and full-process traceability, it collects data from the source of production and sales, purchases payment, and guarantees consumption. , Implement closed-loop management in links such as online operation of vehicle management license plate, and retrospective inspection of road traffic violations.

It is understood that the electric bicycle collaborative smart governance management platform was launched on July 1, and the related "smart electric bicycle shop" applet has been developed. Electric bicycle manufacturers, agents, and sellers can enter the basic information of electric bicycles produced and sold through the platform, including basic parameter information such as 3C certificate number, frame number, and motor number. At the same time, the data has been directly connected to the traffic police's licensing point. When consumers buy electric bicycles, they can directly register the card after completing the payment through the platform, avoiding the situation of queuing at the licensing point.

"In consumer transactions, payment is made through the platform, and the cash will be transferred to the agent's account after the license is completed. Fund management and control can effectively urge merchants to sell products legally and in compliance." said Tang Huiying, chief engineer of the Yuhang District Market Supervision Administration. Throughout the process, if consumers find abnormal situations, they can directly report the business. For businesses that have repeatedly violated regulations and sold non-compliant electric bicycles, and businesses that have installed, assembled, or modified behaviors, red, yellow, and green codes will be marked. Use risk warnings to strengthen the regulation of business behavior and provide consumers with protection of rights and interests.

Next, the collaborative smart governance platform will synchronize with the public security department, use the Internet of Things electronic number plate and the "RFID radio frequency identification" system to capture the illegal and illegal information of electric bicycles, trace the source through big data analysis, realize retrospective inspection, and record the sales of electric bicycles beforehand. , Supervision during the incident and the whole process of supervision after the incident.