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RFID smart logistics system

News posted on: 2021/7/21 10:07:03 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID smart logistics system

RFID smart logistics system

With the continuous development of the commercial society, "JD 6.18, Tmall Double 11" has become a shopping festival well-known to the public.

In the past, at these peak consumption nodes, freight tended to lag significantly due to the sharp increase in orders. However, in the past two years, many people have discovered that even at the peak of these shopping festivals, orders placed the day before can often be delivered the next day. So, what happened behind the high efficiency?

Smart logistics not only greatly improves logistics efficiency, but also greatly reduces the operating cost of the logistics system. Simply put, it is to use intelligent equipment and systems to replace manual completion of all aspects of the logistics cycle. In fact, the biggest hero behind this change is smart logistics.

There are many reasons for the rise of smart logistics. On the one hand, the emergence of various high-tech represented by RFID, AI, big data, cloud computing, and robots provides a driving force for the development of smart logistics. On the other hand, In recent years, the continuous increase in logistics labor costs has given impetus to the development of smart logistics.

In the past, the logistics sorting link often required a lot of manpower and material resources, which was also the most time-consuming link. With the emergence of smart sorting systems centered on RFID technology, the sorting efficiency has been greatly improved through contactless identification.

In addition to improving efficiency, some personal safety issues are also prone to occur in the logistics process. With the help of RFID contactless signal transmission methods, it is possible to avoid workers entering potentially dangerous scenes, thereby ensuring their personal safety.

Through the scenarios mentioned at the beginning of the article, we can find that smart logistics has brought unprecedented changes to our production and lifestyle. In the future, with the further development of technology, logistics will further develop towards informatization, automation and intelligence.


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