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The development prospects of RFID technology in the manufacturing industry can be expected

News posted on: 2021/8/2 17:03:25 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

The development prospects of RFID technology in the manufacturing industry can be expected

The development prospects of RFID technology in the manufacturing industry can be expected

The development of the national economy is inseparable from the promotion and support of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, in the face of the advent of a new round of industrial revolution, various countries have developed plans for the development of manufacturing informatization and regarded it as an important part of the transformation of traditional manufacturing. Strategy to advance.

Informatized industrial production, all links of material transportation, product processing, product inspection and so on are handed over to the computer in the form of information for unified deployment. This conversion technology is currently the RFID technology favored by domestic and foreign companies.

RFID technology integrates various production links into the network system in the form of electronic tags, thereby effectively improving the level of automation. Its impact in industrial production includes: information management, production execution, quality control, and traceability.

For example, in the production process, RFID can be combined with MES, ERP, CRM, and IDM systems to establish a more powerful information chain to ensure the accuracy and speed of data, and improve output and quality.

At present, the development of global industrial manufacturing RFID is still immature, and its industrial application accounts for about 10%, and it is concentrated in large-scale automobile and auto parts companies.

There are two reasons for the above situation. On the one hand, RFID is expensive and expensive; on the other hand, technical factors limit the use of RFID in manufacturing.

Nevertheless, the role of RFID technology in industrial manufacturing has been widely recognized in the industry. It can not only control the production process, monitor the production status, and form a closed manufacturing ecosystem, but also play an important role in logistics and warehousing. Therefore, the development of RFID in the future is still valued by all countries, which is the main reason why it can be promoted for a long time.

In the process of technological advancement and enrichment of downstream applications, the global RFID market has continued to expand. With the development of the RFID market, segmented areas are expected to benefit significantly. Especially in the field of industrial manufacturing, the industry has a promising future.


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