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Guiyang Fire uses RFID technology to build a cleaning center for firefighters' personal protective equipment

News posted on: 2021/8/16 15:43:12 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Guiyang Fire uses RFID technology to build a cleaning center for firefighters' personal protective equipment

Guiyang Fire uses RFID technology to build a cleaning center for firefighters' personal protective equipment

On August 10th, the Guiyang Fire Rescue Detachment established an international-level firefighter's personal protective equipment cleaning center in response to the problems of "difficult cleaning, maintenance, and low safety factor" at the grassroots level, referring to current international standards. We have comprehensively strengthened the construction of the combat service support system of the fire rescue team to meet the professional needs of the fire fighting team.

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It is reported that after firefighters' personal protective equipment is used, it will be contaminated with a large number of toxic and harmful liquids and solid particles. Long-term contact will harm the skin and respiratory system and affect the health and safety of firefighters. At present, the traditional washing methods of grassroots fire rescue stations cannot completely remove toxic and harmful substances, and it is difficult to protect the occupational health of firefighters. The completed cleaning center undertakes the professional cleaning, inspection, repair, maintenance and management of the combat uniforms, rescue uniforms, training uniforms, and uniforms of the city's fire rescue team from advanced scientific and technological means, international standard facilities and equipment, and standardized management models. jobs.

It is understood that the cleaning center has seven functional areas: sorting area, helmet, shoes and chemical protective clothing cleaning area, conventional clothing washing area, fire fighting clothing washing area, drying area, sewing and finishing area, and finished product storage area. Adopting internationally advanced special washing equipment, washing technology, detergent and maintenance special management software for fire fighting clothes, combined with big data equipment Internet of Things technology, using RFID bar code heat-sealing to fire fighting clothes, rescue clothes, air call and other equipment, for each piece Since the equipment is put into use, the life cycle of the whole process from the user's name, brand, washing, maintenance times, service life, etc., is managed with detailed reference data. After the fire fighting suits, chemical protective clothing, helmets, shoes and boots, and other equipment are sorted through light pollution and heavy pollution, the chemical protective clothing cleaning system is adopted, which is divided into 8 washing procedures, such as ordinary, light pollution, heavy pollution, and overweight pollution. Programming, through high-efficiency, rapid and deep cutting of toxic substances such as PO bonds and PF, which are degraded into water-soluble non-toxic small molecules, after soaking, washing, and ozone disinfection, it reaches the mandatory NFPA1851 standard.

The cleaning center can handle 200 sets of fire-fighting protective clothing, 100 sets of normal clothing, 300 sets of rescue clothing and corresponding gloves, shoes and boots daily cleaning and maintenance workload, which will effectively enhance the protection and cleaning capabilities of firefighters’ personal protective equipment and team image, ensuring Occupational health and safety of firefighters.


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