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RFID Tool Kit - How to demonstrate RFID function

News posted on: - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer / NewsID:3191

RFID Tool Kit - How to demonstrate RFID function

RFID BU01 reader custom manual2.jpg

BU01 reader is a portable RFID reader developed by XMINNOV. It is not only widely used in various application fields, but also a necessary tool for RFID practitioners. Combined with FindID APP, the BU01 can achieve:

➣ Tag chip recognition

➣ Label demonstration:

  1. Light On / Flash RFID LED TAG


  3. RFID TEMPERATURE Measurement

  4. RFID HUMIDITY Measurement

  5. RFID Resistance Measurement

  6. RFID tag online tracking

  7. RFID chip recognition

  8. RFID tag information recognition

➣ Quick coding

➣ Tag reading and writing functions

RFID BU01 reader custom manual.jpg

In order to better demonstrate RFID products, XMINNOV recently launched the elf demonstration kit: it can quickly demonstrate RFID lighting tags, temperature sensor tags, anti-metal tags, etc.

RFID BU01 reader custom manual1.jpg

RFID BU01 reader custom manual