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RFID technology promotes better and faster development of Industry 4.0

News posted on: 2021/8/20 17:36:26 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology promotes better and faster development of Industry 4.0

RFID technology promotes better and faster development of Industry 4.0

With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic and international markets, all countries are facing tremendous pressure from industrial upgrading. Industry 4.0 was proposed in this context, and quickly received widespread attention from the industry. It can be said that intelligent manufacturing is the core of Industry 4.0, which is a huge industrial revolution.

On the whole, "Industry 4.0" is a big network that weaves together production materials, smart factories, logistics and distribution, and consumers, and it needs to be connected in series with the help of various technologies. As an extremely adaptable data collection tool, RFID technology can play a very critical role in industrial scenarios.

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With RFID technology, the entire production process can be visualized. First of all, the automatic identification of products is realized with the help of RFID tags, thereby assisting in the improvement of production planning and logistics control.

With more complete data collection capabilities, RFID can realize the monitoring and visualization of production status. Through the automatic identification and tracking of manufacturing resources, enterprise managers can grasp the production progress of the workshop in real time.

When we realize the visualization of the production process, and then appropriately process the production status data collected by RFID in real time, and timely feedback to the management to assist production decision-making, we can further realize closed-loop production planning and control.

It can be seen that RFID technology plays a very important role in the industry 4.0 era and runs through all aspects of the manufacturing industry. If we look further, RFID can further expand into the supply chain field, which will have a greater impact on the industry.

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of social productivity, the market has put forward higher requirements on the manufacturing industry. Therefore, in order to better respond to future challenges, the importance of introducing RFID technology in industrial manufacturing has become more prominent.


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