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Yunnan Wenshan applies digital innovation to explore a new model of RFID tobacco leaf logistics

News posted on: 2021/8/26 16:04:33 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Yunnan Wenshan applies digital innovation to explore a new model of RFID tobacco leaf logistics

Yunnan Wenshan applies digital innovation to explore a new model of RFID tobacco leaf logistics

To promote the construction of "smart tobacco", not only is to liberate the hands of tobacco farmers, but also to achieve digital transformation around the entire process of tobacco leaf production. Since 2020, Wenshan Prefecture Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company) of Yunnan Province has deepened the reform and innovation of tobacco leaf circulation, and actively promoted basket transportation, RFID electronic tags, intelligent inventory counting system and tobacco leaf in-transit tracking management system, and explored a new kind of tobacco leaf New logistics model.

Walking into the purchasing warehouse of Hongfu Tobacco Station in Yanshan County, there is no trace of flax in the spacious and clean warehouse. The piles of tobacco packs in the past have been replaced by baskets, showing the brand-new appearance of a modern tobacco store.

Turnover basket electronic label.jpg

Traditional hemp flake packaging has a low mechanized operation rate, low storage capacity utilization, easy breakage of tobacco leaves, high packaging costs, and easy introduction of non-tobacco debris (hemp).

Tobacco storage expands capacity, packs and unloads to improve quality. As the leading tobacco station in the state of acquisition volume, the storage problem has plagued Hongfu Tobacco Station for many years during the acquisition. The loose tobacco stacking area and tobacco packing area occupy too much storage space, and manual packaging cannot be done neatly. To a certain extent The height of the piles is limited, and the limited space is more compact.

The low efficiency of packaging workers and the accumulation of tobacco leaves in the warehouse are not uncommon. It is not uncommon for the warehouse managers to distress the broken tobacco leaves the most. There are many people in the warehouse, and many tobacco leaves are lost in the warehouse every year. Cause greater man-made losses.

Wenshan innovatively adopts the traditional 40kg sacks packaging mode into basket packaging with a regular appearance, not easily deformed, convenient for the installation of information carriers, and conducive to mechanical operations, which greatly reduces tobacco leaf breakage during the packaging process, improves the efficiency of mechanized operations, improves storage capacity utilization, and improves tobacco leaves Quality, it is convenient to trace the quality information, realize the recycling of packaging materials, save storage space, number of workers, management cost and use cost of flax chips.

The tobacco leaves do not fall to the ground, and the warehouse is more beautiful. Driven by the basket packaging, the tobacco station can easily form an "efficient, safe and hygienic" warehouse management model to realize the comfortable purchase of tobacco leaves.

In conjunction with the "Cloud Basket", there is also an intelligent storage system-"Yuncang". In the past, during the purchase of cigarette stations, the warehouse manager alone had to hire a lot of workers.

Warehouse management is hard work. Supervising the packing of tobacco leaves in the middle of the night, registering the number of packs, and registering the quantity out of the warehouse when the tobacco leaves are allocated, counting the quantity out of the warehouse per car, and finding out the warehouse balance. Moving warehouses has caused too much complexity in the inventory management of tobacco leaves, increased storage management costs, and low accuracy rates, which are prone to overflow and shortages.

The "Yuncang" intelligent inventory counting system can automatically count the number of tobacco leaves in the warehouse, the amount of tobacco in the warehouse, the amount of tobacco out of the warehouse, the level of tobacco, the inventory, etc., which can be known by one button, making the warehouse management more intelligent, efficient and convenient, without manual liquidation, which is beneficial Reasonably regulate the storage capacity of the warehouse, effectively ensure the accuracy of the inventory count, reduce the error rate of inventory, reduce the workload of manual inventory, and realize worry-free storage.

Tobacco leaf allocation and transportation work has always been the focus, difficulty, and risk point of the acquisition work. Traditional tobacco leaf transportation adopts the installation of transportation locks and verifying the tobacco leaf allocation sheet to prevent the tobacco leaf from being lost during the transportation and allocation. Uncertainty, cigarette packs are lost during the process, or the whole vehicle is scattered and reloaded occasionally. As the emergency process cannot be monitored, the risk of tobacco leaf transportation is further increased.

The Wenshan Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company) of Yunnan Province has applied RFID, narrowband Internet of Things communication technology and other digital technologies to develop a series of supporting hardware products including Wenshan buckles, inventory guards, vehicle management terminals, and tobacco leaf in-transit tracking systems-" "Cloud Chase", relying on big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technology, adopts electronic tag readers and radio frequency feedback technology for data collection, and uploads cloud analysis and monitoring through new communication technology to realize the visualization of cigarette packs in transit and environmental suitability. Intervene to deal with the abnormality for a time, effectively control the tobacco leaf transportation process, and realize safe transportation.

At the same time, the tobacco grower information, tobacco leaf origin, tobacco leaf grade, and near-infrared physical and chemical testing data collected by the Internet of Things center are written into RFID electronic tags through radio frequency identification to provide the tobacco leaf with the right to confirm the unique identity and realize the traceability of the tobacco leaf’s source. , Whereabouts can be verified, and responsibilities can be investigated" to improve tobacco leaf safety, help tobacco leaf brand building, and enhance brand value.

According to calculations, using the "tobacco basket logistics", the comprehensive operating cost of the logistics of ton of tobacco from the tobacco station to the redrying link is about 193.91 yuan/ton, which is nearly 30% less than the 283.99 yuan/ton of the hemp bale method.

Technology empowers, innovation leads. This year, Wenshan Prefecture has added about 350,000 quintals of flue-cured tobacco in five tobacco stations in Malipo County, Malipo County, Puzhehei, Qiubei County, Dehou, Dongshan, and Yanshan County Pingyuan. Continue to optimize the business process of labeling the origin, fully assist the full traceability of flue-cured tobacco logistics information, and the quality can be traced, and promote the development of mechanization, digitalization and intelligentization of tobacco leaf storage and transportation.


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