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Schreiner Medipharm joins the RFID Standardization Alliance

News posted on: 2021/9/3 11:12:29 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Schreiner Medipharm joins the RFID Standardization Alliance

Schreiner Medipharm joins the RFID Standardization Alliance

DoseID is an alliance in the United States and the first industry association dedicated to standardizing the use of RFID tags in the healthcare field. Its purpose is to introduce an industry-wide standard. Schreiner MediPharm joined this leading medical industry alliance.

RFID technology has made progress in the field of healthcare, but standardized tools for tracking medicines, equipment, and consumables are still lacking. The goal of DoseID is to ensure the interoperability, quality, and performance of drugs with RFID tags in the drug supply chain. These drugs are tracked in all hardware and software systems-from manufacturers to distributors, to hospitals, and finally to patients.

Schreiner Medipharm joins the RFID Standardization Alliance

Medicines can be successfully tracked by serializing medicines, containers, and equipment. In addition, RFID tags must provide reliable performance in all hospitals and healthcare IT systems so that products can be tracked at the unit level and throughout the life cycle. Schreiner MediPharm claims that RFID tags are an important driving force in this regard. They can achieve frictionless integration and smooth processing on the unit-level drug packaging production line-increasing the automation of the process to improve efficiency, but most importantly, improving the safety of patients and drugs.

"As a long-term supplier of customized RFID tags for the medical industry, we believe that interoperability and quality standards are essential to fully utilize the potential of RFID. We look forward to becoming a member of the DoseID Alliance to jointly promote rfid-based smart solutions to enhance Pharmaceutical supply chain.” said Stefan Wiedemann, senior director of strategic marketing and business development at Schreiner MediPharm.

The serialization of DoseID at the unit level exceeds the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), which ensures the safety of the prescription drug supply chain in the United States. In order to ensure compliance with the standards established by the alliance and meet the requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers, compound pharmacies, pharmaceutical automation service providers, and RFID inlay and label manufacturers, after third-party testing, special RFID label certification will be granted.


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