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What are the new opportunities for RFID in the post-epidemic era

News posted on: 2021/9/7 11:23:05 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

What are the new opportunities for RFID in the post-epidemic era

What are the new opportunities for RFID in the post-epidemic era

Although the commercial society already has a stable and complex structure, the changes in the market always make people wonder. Since 2020, a new crown epidemic has caused a huge impact on the global economy, and almost all industries have been severely affected.

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It is a crisis that the epidemic first arrives, but the crisis often gives birth to new opportunities for development. As far as the RFID industry is concerned, the birth of the non-contact economy by the epidemic is the opportunity, which is gestating new growth points.

Under the influence of the epidemic, many industries have become more aware of the benefits of RFID. For medicine, the use of RFID technology can realize the traceability management of medicine and medical equipment, and the realization of these functions is based on non-contact. Therefore, in the post-epidemic era, the value of using RFID technology to improve the medical management system has been seen by more and more hospitals and medical organizations.

The impact of the epidemic on the manufacturing industry is undoubtedly huge. After the outbreak of the epidemic, manufacturing plants across the country stopped work for some reason and had to suffer huge losses. Objectively speaking, China's manufacturing industry has been highly dependent on manpower for a long time, which has led to the low level of digital management of enterprises.

In the post-epidemic era, coupled with the general trend of intelligent manufacturing, factories and enterprises will inevitably strengthen their digital and intelligent upgrades. In this process, the use of RFID technology can help them efficiently collect data and bring significant improvements in processes, materials, and supply chain management.

In addition, after experiencing the new crown epidemic, the demand for unmanned retail and catering has become more prominent. Through unmanned retail, intensive contact with people is avoided, which in turn protects everyone's health.

In fact, in the process of anti-epidemic and epidemic prevention, RFID technology has played a great role in the management of medical supplies, access gates, and PDA temperature measurement records. With the post-epidemic era in society, RFID will still play a role in all walks of life to protect the daily lives of residents.


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