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New Products Released - Temperature NFC Sensor Tag

News posted on: 2017/7/28 2:03:51 - by cherry - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

New Products Released - Temperature NFC Sensor Tag

The new kind of NFC tag is with temperaturer sensor,

Sensoring wide Band Temperature at  -30 - 80degree

and NFC Temperature Sensor with Logging and Timer system

based on ISO 15693 propotol NFC temperature Sensor

1024bytes High User Memory for temperature storage

Flexible and printable Sensor Tag Property

Paper Battery Buildin with more than 6 months power life and non-Rechargeable battery disposable battery of the power supply

High Accuracy Temperature Sensing Precision +/ - 0.5 degree

Widely Used For Medicine Food Cool Chain Supply Logitics System

Storage & Transportation RealTime Safety Tracking and so on,

Currently pricing is approx at us$5/pcs.

nfc temperature sensor tag2.jpg


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