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RFID Knowledges

What is an industrial RFID reader? How to use industrial RFID readers

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What is an industrial RFID reader? How to use industrial RFID readers

Industrial RFID reader, also known as "industrial RFID reader", is based on radio frequency identification technology to identify target objects and obtain relevant data information, without manual intervention, without visible light source, with penetrability, and can be separated by non-metallic items Identify the target object. Within the working range of the industrial RFID reader, it will automatically identify the RFID tags that enter the working range, and conduct real-time detection and tracking of the RFID tags within the range, without manual information collection, and can run for a long time without errors.

Industrial RFID readers, as the name suggests, are RFID equipment used in industry, industrial production line management, AGV trolley transportation, intelligent warehouse management, medical sorting line management, etc.

In production line management and medical sorting line management, RFID readers are installed on corresponding industrial nodes, and RFID tags for entering product information are pasted on product trays or products. During production, products with RFID tags will be read by industrial RFID readers after passing through industrial nodes, and then the read information will be uploaded to the computer (information system management office).

The installation method of AGV trolley transportation is different from that of production line management. The industrial RFID reader is installed on the AGV trolley, and the RFID tag is installed on the AGV track node. When the AGV trolley travels to the tag, the industrial reader reads the tag information, and judges the next work and forward direction of the AGV trolley according to the acquired tag information, straight or turning.

Intelligent warehouse management is to bind RFID tags to warehouse materials, and the industrial RFID reader is installed on the transportation equipment. When the transportation equipment travels to the warehouse materials, the industrial reader will read the label information on the materials, and the information is correct. After that, the materials are moved to a new location for storage.

The use of industrial RFID readers in the industry has greatly solved the problem of labor shortage, and the use of RFID readers can also improve the efficiency of work, the quality and quantity of product production. Because RFID equipment can monitor product information in real time, when a problem occurs, traceability can be carried out based on real-time information.