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RFID Knowledges

RFID technology helps retail store personnel flow monitoring to prevent overcrowding

News posted on: 2022/3/21 14:18:45 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology helps retail store personnel flow monitoring to prevent overcrowding

Historically, some retailers have relied on staff management to achieve proper social distancing and prevent overcrowding, but RFID technology can automate many of these tasks, saving labor costs and preventing errors. RFID technology has been widely used to automate other processes in retail environments, such as stock replenishment and stock placement, as an adaptable, flexible and highly customizable option. Recently, Australian company TAGNology designed an RFID-based traffic control system for retailers to manage capacity.


The system has a dispenser that dispenses RFID tags affixed to their clothes to customers waiting in line. By placing a gate at the entrance, this RFID system can track everyone entering and leaving the store. Once capacity is reached, the traffic lights will turn red for the next person to wait. When someone leaves, the light turns green and the next person in line can enter. The company has configured the entire system in just a few weeks (plug-and-play installation out of the box).

By tracking each RFID electronic tag separately, the RFID read-write device can record the number of each person in the store and restrict entry according to the maximum allowable capacity set by the system. This way, every customer who has an RFID tag passing through the RFID reader is equal to an extra count. The frequency of entry and exit has no effect on the total and requires little additional logic.


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