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RFID Knowledges

What Is RFID and RFID Technology

News posted on: 2017/7/24 6:52:23 - by yoyo - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

What Is RFID and RFID Technology

RFID is the meaning of Radio Frequency Identification which is a new and emerging technology that helps humans identify other humans or machines remotely. This technology can be embedded within smart devices or intelligent equipment so that they can identify themselves and communicate with each other autonomously. This fact releases humans from the burden of the daily lengthy and intensive tasks to save labor cost. What makes RFID even more attractive for clients is its ability to offer wireless identification techniques. Hence, machines can remotely identify other machines and humans without the need for any physical contact, thus making any task easier, faster and even more flexible and more less of cost.

In addition, this new electronic and wireless identification technique is an embedded hardware including software approached that does not require much space for implementing it. RFID comprises a small chip including a special customized any size of RF antenna and a small-scale integrated RF circuit. These chips that combined into RFID tags can be asembled and can be attached to any product items, merchandise, animals or humans without affecting them. What makes the use of an RFID tag even more appealing is its capacity to receive Tracking or trasmit RFID Tags power from a remotely located reader transpoder emitter and hence, there is no need for constantly providing it with power; all is done wirelessly. Further more, the size of a tag is application-dependent but is usually less than few centimeters for Near Field Communication technology(NFC) or usually more than 5 meters for long reading range, which makes it compliant with any targeted object. In order to recognize and treat data, a handheld or stationary scanning device is used. These high-speed computing devices are capable of receiving and treating data issued by hundreds of tags per second. Therefore, long-lasting tasks can now be simply replaced with simple and prompt steps.

There are many different kind of types of RFID tags:

Active RFID tags,Semi-Active RFID tags, Semi-passive rfid tags and Passive RFID tags which are fundamentally different technologies that are often evaluated together. While both use radio frequency energy to communicate between a rfid reader and a rfid tag, the method of powering the tags is different. Active RFID tags uses an internal power source (battery) within the tag to continuously power the tag and its RF communication circuitry, Semi-Active RFID tags or Semi-Passive tags use an internal power source with buildin battery within the tag as a backup power while necessary required or trigger requested from rfid reader then to continuously power the tag and its RF communication circuitry. whereas Passive RFID tags relies on RF energy transferred from the reader to the tag and to get RF power from RF reader to send the tag.

RFID Tags comes in different design and many different shapes and sizes each suited to a specific application. RFID tags also can be read only, write only, special access only (memory data can be consigned by protected password or special key), read/write (in case of un-authorization will turn back with alarm or none programable notice), or a combination, in which some data is permanently locked while other memory is left accessible for later encoding and writing updating.


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