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Transaction Management System For ETC Project

News posted on: - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer / NewsID:2001

Transaction Management System For ETC Project

What it is 

It is a Software designed to securely register Tag reading events and its attributes (such as Timestamp, Site where the reading took place and other information associated to the vehicle coming from other sensors (like camera, Optical Character Recognition, Axle Counting, etc)  

How it Works 

It sits on the System Integrator or Customer Database/Server and manages the information  retrieved from readers, associating it to other data related to vehicles, vehicle owner and sites where the transactions took place, in this way making possible the administration of the system for multiple purposes (like for Fiscal Checkpoints, Fares and other applications)  

What it comprises

A Software to be placed in a Cloud Server to manage Tag transactions  An interface that allows integration with other Management Systems from Government or Local System Operator that manages Official Vehicle Registration operations