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RFID Knowledges

The benefits of RFID technology

News posted on: 2018/4/2 8:44:21 - by yoyo - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

The benefits of RFID technology

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The many advantages of RFID technology make it possible to establish a solid business case for its use in different industries and different applications.

RFID is used in construction, engineering, chemical industry, manufacturing, retail, logistics, public sector and other fields. However, the various advantages of RFID in different industries often have different values.

Here are some of the benefits of RFID:

  • ● Higher productivity

  • ● Increase revenues

  • ● Improved quality data capture

  • ● Shorter processes

  • ● Lower costs

  • ● Improve Regulatory Compliance

  • ● Better safety

  • ● Accurate and relevant management information

Lower cost and higher productivity

RFID applications can automatically collect information about the movement and location of assets, components, inventory or other items; doing so faster while reducing costs, and having more reliable accuracy and reliability than manual methods, and having more than passing barcodes More details on the technology. Data collection can be a by-product of other activities without having to fill out forms. Using RFID to identify products is faster than bar code scanning or manually entering product details.

Improve Quality for Data Capture

The use of RFID means that data can be captured quickly and accurately. The use of RFID for electronic data collection avoids data transcription errors and avoids "missing items" when collecting data for a large number of items at a time.

Reduce Capital Costs

RFID technology helps reduce costs by better controlling inventory or assets. They can help track commercial assets such as test equipment, transport packaging, computing technology and other portable devices.

Better Security

The use of RFID access control system helps to improve the security of commercial premises. RFID tagging of inventory and assets makes it easier to track inventory “shrinkage,” which can be used to counter product counterfeiting.

Increasing Revenues

By reducing out-of-stocks, organizations that use RFID can provide differentiated competitiveness by avoiding the credibility gap between the nominal inventory available for orders and the actual inventory that exists in the warehouse, and by providing customers with improved product movement information. And promote increased customer satisfaction opportunities for high sales and higher profit margins

Shorter Processes

Since RFID technology can be integrated with other manufacturing or supply chain technologies (automated pallet handling, material selection systems, etc.), time from order to delivery and delivery can be reduced.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

The use of RFID to control when the device is inspected or to restrict its movement can be a solution to health and safety issues or to meet part of the process that an insurance company or regulatory agency is following.

More Acurate, Relevant, Current Management information

Because RFID can capture data in real time, as inventory or assets are removed from detailed, up-to-date management information, it can be used for planning and operational management.


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