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RFID Technology in used for Food Safety Traceability

News posted on: 2018/4/24 7:03:38 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID Technology in used for Food Safety Traceability

With the rapid development of economy, the standards of living has improved, and  the consciousness of food security is increasing. In recently years, many governments try to build food traceability system to let their consumers know more details about  food production. It can not only increase reliance upon the food, but also track the problems and trace the production flow when food safety events happened. In order to ensure the food safety and effectively control the outbreak of food diseases, the establishment of food tracking and tracing in our country will have a great impact on the development of the food industry.

Food Safety Traceability

RFID food traceability management system will use the RFID, advanced network and database technology, information fusion, query, monitoring, for each stage of production and distribution in the field of final consumption in the process to offer each item with safety, the sources of food ingredients and reasonable inventory control to make decision, through RFID authentication technology to achieve food security warning, origin, production, warehousing, transportation, so as to set up a complete industrial chain of food safety control system.

System Structure:

RFID (electronic tags, radio frequency identification) food safety traceability system security management can guarantee food safety and can be traced all the way, and to standardize the food production, processing, circulation and consumption, through the establishment of food safety database, starting from the farming and food production processing link, realize "from farm to table" the whole process of tracking and tracing, including transportation, packaging, repackaging, and marketing, circulation in the process of entire information, such as production base, processing, distribution enterprise can through the electronic label in the database.


RFID food safety traceability management information system is an ability to connect each link of production, inspection, supervision and solution, increase the degree of consumers on food safely management information system.The system provides a "from farm to table" traceability model, extract the production, processing, circulation, consumption of consumers concerned about the supply chain link, the food safety information database is established, once found the problem, according to the effective control of traceability, maintain the customers rights. Continuously monitor food from source to table, form food safety monitoring database, and carry out risk assessment on monitoring data.


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