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IOT Card + Smart Retail

News posted on: 2018/11/2 2:04:24 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

IOT Card + Smart Retail

IOT Card + Smart Retail

When a customer enters the smart retail store, she opens the phone app and pairs it with the cart. This can tell the smart retail store cloud platform who has entered the store, and the smart retail store's artificial intelligence system automatically generates a preferential strategy based on the customer's unique shopping record, including past transactions, used or ignored offers, shopping routes, Demographics and other data.

In the smart retail store, each item has an RFID chip that can be connected to the in-store Wi-Fi. These chips are wirelessly powered from 10 meters away, which means they don't require onboard batteries or cables. They can submit data to the cloud and embed it in any project without adding bulk. Smart retail stores regularly update these chips to update inventory levels and do not require employees to scan every item.

If the customer places an item in the shopping cart, the shopping cart's RFID scanner adds the item to the smart retail store smartphone application. In fact, it takes on the work of the cashier, using the Internet of Things technology and the IOT card, the system will track the goods selected by the customer and the order of ordering, it can also determine whether the customer picked up a product, but did not put it into the shopping The car, or whether the customer put the goods into the shopping cart, but later gave up.

Since each item has an identification chip, the customer can use the mobile phone scan to identify and research a product. When the customer is close to the store exit, the geolocation service of the smart retail store application sends a checkout notification, and the customer views the listed item and clicks. Pay by credit card. At the same time, the RFID scanner at the exit will identify if someone (unintentionally or intentionally) has not paid for the purchase and tried to leave.

We can also imagine the customer's shopping cart as having an autopilot function that automatically returns to the shopping cart collection channel. In smart retail stores, there are no trolleys scattered around the parking lot, and no parking spaces are blocked.

The IOT shopping experience of smart retail stores addresses the weaknesses affecting physical retail consumers and brand owners. Internet of Things technology and IOT cards provide customers with online browsing product information, research options and self-checkout services; likewise, the Internet of Things is automated. Inventory, expanded data collection, and introduced personalization.

The IOT card trading platform IOC Card said that IOT technology and IOT cards will be closely integrated with online and physical entities, bringing a different user experience.


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