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Focusing on "RFID+", XMinnov will accelerate the sinking application scenario - Interview with Lin Jialiang, General Manager of XMinnov Information Technology Co Ltd

News posted on: 2019/6/6 2:55:22 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Focusing on "RFID+", XMinnov will accelerate the sinking application scenario - Interview with Lin Jialiang, General Manager of XMinnov Information Technology Co Ltd

Foreword: To build a more complete and more high-end IoT industry ecosystem loop, create a good IoT environment for excellent enterprises, build a healthy and sustainable industrial environment, and promote deep exchange and cooperation between CXOs of IoT enterprises. To jointly promote the development of the Internet of Things industry. The Internet of Things winds together with Tencent to conduct a series of exclusive interviews with the national 100-item leader of the CXO.

In this issue, we invited Mr. Lin Jialiang, the general manager of XMinnov, to tell you about the application of RFID to the traditional industry to accelerate the sinking application scenario.

XMinnov Let the application have no hard-to-do electronic tags

Only when combined with traditional industries can the value of RFID technology be fully realized:

Strictly speaking, RFID is no different from traditional two-dimensional code. It is a data acquisition method. However, the biggest difference between two-dimensional code and RFID is that RFID is unique, and the two-dimensional code is not unique. It cannot be said that RFID is an industry. At most, it can only be said to be a technology. As a means of data collection, RFID has more challenges in how to connect with traditional industries. With the increasing number of practical applications, including the integration of various technologies such as 5G and AI, this can bring more possibilities to some technologies that were not possible.


Let the application have no hard-to-do electronic tags, give the electronic tags a clear positioning, and let the tags generate value:

Based on the original materials and circuit boards, XMinnov chose a different path from other industries and opened up a new category market in the industry, called fragile anti-transfer electronic tags. From the perspective of fragile environment and electronic label, XMinnov has done a lot of work and innovation. Now the fragile anti-transfer electronic label has formed a very good brand effect in the industry. At the same time, it has used the original resources of XMinnov to create a special The industrial base of electronic tags has become the Xiamen Electronic Label Engineering Technology Research Center.


The anti-transfer electronic tag is characterized by "one product, one code" or "one product, one code" between the tag and the article:

ETC electronic label is ETC placed on the windshield of the car. It is the most mainstream application in the industry. It is the first brand in the industry. The ETC electronic label is very high overseas! Attached to the windshield is the “vehicle ID card”, which can be used for parking lot management and electronic toll management. This is a very interesting project that replaces traditional vehicle labels with ceramic electronic labels. RFID itself is unique. When it is attached to the windshield of a vehicle, it gives the vehicle "unique identity" and will be damaged once it is removed. This ETC electronic label can also be used on high-end foods. If the label is removed, it will be damaged. You can not read the high-grade food information again, which can prevent secondary use and recycling.


Enterprise management and strategy, the choice of the track is the key:

As a company, the first direction can not be wrong, that is, the market can not be wrong! The most important thing is to choose the track! Dividing a company into two is divided into management and strategy. The essence of the strategy is to choose what to do. What is done now is more important than what was done before. The first thing that enterprises should consider is their own core competitiveness. If the company chooses a track that does not belong to itself or has blocked people, It will go very hard. As a company, you must do things that others can't do well, or others won't do. If one hundred companies can do it, we will not do it. If we want to do it, there are only five things that can be done in the world. This may be difficult, but we must challenge it. Therefore, the strategic choice of the company is very important for the company! You can't just run on one track and run on a track. You might be a good leader.


Lin Jialiang said: The exhibition is a very important brand promotion window for enterprises. China International Internet of Things Expo is different from other exhibitions. This exhibition can combine technology, capital and talents. It is the most distinctive exhibition. I hope that I will have the opportunity to participate in this kind of exhibition and seamlessly connect technology, capital and market.


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