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7 effective IoT application cases

News posted on: 2019/7/4 2:25:20 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

7 effective IoT application cases

7 effective IoT application cases

The real value of IoT applications is far greater than networked gadgets and smart refrigerators. In many cases, IoT applications are helping companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and drive revenue growth.

However, although you might think of typical IoT applications, such as industrial automation or the Internet of Things in agriculture, I'm sure you haven't thought about tracking rhinos. Take a look at the seven IoT use cases below.

1. Monitor prisoners

In the United States, private prison and prison operators typically reimburse prisoners for rehabilitation programs such as GED (high school) or continuing education, but it is difficult to ensure that the check-in form is not manipulated or altered in any way. Using RFID tracking devices on prisoners can collect more auditable specific data.

RFID tracking also adds specific features about the location of prisoners at any given time, including their time in prison, outside the prison, and the time spent on meals. Due to privacy issues, staff tracking is often problematic – but in prison, this is not a problem.

2, tracking rhinoceros

In South Africa, Symphony Link was used to track rhinos in large protected areas. Protected area workers drilled a hole in the rhinoceros horn and inserted a GPS-based tracking device that wirelessly sent location information to the gateway. This allows the protected area administrator to know where all the rhinos are, and if a rhino is near the edge of the reserve – more likely to poach – they can send personnel to monitor the rhino more closely.

3, emergency response system

If emergency responders like firefighters, doctors, or police are dispatched to places where their normal handheld radios don't work, such as subway tunnels, IoT devices can help them send text messages to each other. This adds extra security and security levels.

4, school security system

School safety is an important topic - the Internet of Things is revolutionizing this possibility. Recently, Stanley Mechanical Solutions has released its campus protection system, which uses LoRa technology, which allows teachers and administrators to lock the school door and classroom door with the click of a button, and this action can also send an alert message to law enforcement.

5, urban traffic flow monitoring

Some city managers have used the Internet of Things to help them understand where new parking facilities are needed. This is done by looking at the same car (via the driver's or passenger's mobile phone Bluetooth broadcast signal) multiple times to drive a certain point, which indicates that the driver can not find the parking space.

6, skiers and snowboard tracking

The Internet of Things has spread across many ski resorts around the world. Tracking skiers is more than just a resort's internal safety management requirements, especially for skiers who want to increase safety or be able to track their families throughout the resort.

7, customer satisfaction monitoring

Have you seen a small box on the side of the airline check-in counter at the airport, which is to let you evaluate the check-in experience. It may have three simple buttons that you can press: "good", "very good" or "bad". Here, the Internet of Things is used to capture the customer sentiment at this check-in point. If more people press the "Bad" button, the airline may need to investigate further.


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