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Daxing Airport's ultra-wideband positioning system makes the baggage track "mastery" positioning accuracy of about 10 cm

News posted on: 2019/7/8 3:02:38 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Daxing Airport's ultra-wideband positioning system makes the baggage track "mastery" positioning accuracy of about 10 cm

Daxing Airport's ultra-wideband positioning system makes the baggage track "mastery" positioning accuracy of about 10 cm

Once upon a time, you just waited for a long time at the baggage carousel when you got off the plane. The anxiety and taste are still fresh. In the future, the tracking of air-checked baggage will achieve “mastery”. The reporter recently learned from Beijing Daxing International Airport that Beijing Daxing International Airport (hereinafter referred to as Daxing Airport) applied ultra-wideband high-precision indoor positioning system in the first phase of construction, with a positioning accuracy of about 10 cm.

What exactly is an ultra-wideband high-precision indoor positioning system, why is positioning so accurate?

According to Zhang Wei, project manager of Beijing Hezhong Szhuang Company, the construction company of Daxing Airport, Daxing Airport uses UWB technology (Ultra Wideband) or ultra-wideband technology. It is an emerging indoor positioning technology that uses positioning tags to transmit pulse signals to the positioning base station for precise positioning. Indoor positioning. "The launch of this technology will enable Daxing New Airport to visually monitor and manage indoor personnel and vehicles in the future, providing tailor-made personalized navigation and services for each passenger," Zhang said.

Taking the passenger's daily baggage as an example, the check-in of the baggage in the traditional airport is generally realized by the node, firstly through the check-in counter, then sent to the plane through the baggage trailer, and finally arrives at the baggage transfer place of the destination airport, waiting for the passenger. In the process of collecting, the specific location and information of the baggage is difficult to check, and there are many blind spots. “This causes the baggage to be mishandled, lost, and difficult to retrieve, and UWB technology can help passengers 'see’ signs of baggage operations,” Zhang said.

In fact, in addition to UWB technology, domestic airlines such as China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines are also using RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which is a kind of automatic identification technology, which is carried out by radio frequency. The non-contact two-way data communication uses the radio frequency method to read and write the recording medium, thereby achieving the purpose of identifying the target and data exchange, realizing the real-time sharing and accurate positioning of the luggage.

Since there is RFID technology, why should we build ultra-wideband? Zhang Wei explained: "RFID is like asking us online for online logistics information. This information is 'point' shaped and can only point to a certain point, while ultra-wideband Like the 'line' shape, passengers can see clear baggage transportation lines. RFID and ultra-wideband are mutually complementary. Compared with RFID, UWB is a specialized indoor positioning system with precise positioning accuracy. Passengers provide more convenient navigation or reminder services," Zhang said.

The positioning accuracy that ultra-wideband can achieve is high enough. The ultra-short pulse locator can give the relative position, and its positioning accuracy can reach centimeter level. Under this technical guarantee, the ultra-wideband indoor positioning of Beijing Daxing International Airport can reach the positioning accuracy of about 10 cm.

Ultra-wideband has strong anti-interference ability and penetrability, especially suitable for scenes with complex environment and severe occlusion. Previously, in the airport, the main area for indoor positioning was the baggage sorting hall, which was covered with a fully automated baggage conveyor. The internal signal shielding was very serious. If you use Bluetooth or computer vision technology, you need to lay out. A large number of sensors are less viable, and ultra-wideband can break these "pain points."

By taking an airplane at Daxing Airport, the convenience brought by ultra-wideband indoor positioning technology is not only an aspect of baggage tracking. Zhang Wei said that Daxing Airport will install ultra-wideband systems for 400 luggage carts, and the airport management department will be able to obtain specific luggage cart driving routes. “The vehicles in the building have specific driving routes, and to some extent, they also form a complementary relationship with the take-off and landing of the flight. If the vehicle information can be obtained more accurately, it will also help to alleviate the flight delay.” Say.


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