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RFID asset management system realizes enterprise asset informationization

News posted on: 2019/7/18 1:54:18 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID asset management system realizes enterprise asset informationization

RFID asset management system realizes enterprise asset informationization

Assets are a core component of an enterprise's role and an important infrastructure for an enterprise. There are many kinds of forms of asset existence, which not only have the characteristics of high value, strong liquidity, and difficult security management, but also become one of the important environments for asset management. Through RFID technology, information such as inventory, search, location, inventory, status, etc. of these large or small valuables are collected and understood. It has changed the traditional management methods that require a lot of time and manpower and resources, and solved many problems that are due to the strong liquidity of assets, easy to omission or duplication when inventory is in check, and the physical and book are not consistent. Allowing the staff to relieve the workload is heavy and cumbersome, and it is easy to cause unclear inventory, repeated investigations, and missed investigations. Strengthen management of assets and goods, improve existing management methods, improve management levels, and reduce workload. RFID asset management application realizes comprehensive visual informationization of enterprise assets.

The RFID identification and management of assets realizes the positioning and tracking of enterprise assets through RFID technology, helping the actual reality and the book to be consistent, improving the efficiency of asset inventory and return on investment. The main goal is to achieve full visibility of enterprise assets and real-time information updates, so that users can more sophisticated asset management, enabling them to monitor the use and flow of resources in real time, so as to ensure that the physical and book are consistent.

It combines radio frequency technology and wired radio technology (network communication technology). First, each valuable item is equipped with an RFID electronic tag, which has a global unique ID number. The RFID handheld reader is used for asset inventory, which can quickly read the electronic tag information on the device, and send the read tag information to the background server through the built-in communication mode wireless communication module. The fixed reader is used for access control, and the antenna uses a circularly polarized antenna to ensure multi-angle label recognition.



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