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RFID technology applied to logistics intelligent storage system

News posted on: 2019/7/22 3:24:12 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology applied to logistics intelligent storage system

RFID technology applied to logistics intelligent storage system

Recently, the Smart Customs Warehouse Exhibition with the theme of “Technology Empowering Smart Warehousing” was held in the Huangpu Customs Mayong Warehouse. Jingdong Logistics Value Supply Chain is managed by the Customs “full-caliber management” (Remarks: “Full-caliber management” means that the customs department monitors and manages the overall process of information collection, storage, outbound texture comparison, and storage capacity limitation. A debut for the core customized smart warehousing solution. This is the first intelligent hardware and storage solution for the customs system created by Jingdong Logistics Value Supply Chain since the "618" this year. It is also a technological innovation of Jingdong Logistics based on the management of goods in the customs warehouse.

In order to further improve the level of intelligent management, Huangpu Customs actively implements the “Science and Technology Development” strategy as a pilot area for the General Administration of Customs. The Guanzhong actively uses advanced technologies such as big data, Internet of Things and 5G to continuously promote “Smart Customs”. Construction. Jingdong Logistics Value Supply Chain was invited to participate in this pilot work, showing 3D scanning comparison equipment, RFID storage cabinets and shelves, dual face unlocking equipment, WMS intelligent storage system to Huangpu Customs and participants. A complete set of smart warehousing solutions.

During the event display, Huangpu Customs demonstrated the whole process of high-value item storage management. From the time of item storage, the system collects data in the form of physical 3D modeling. After the collection is completed, the RFID tag is attached and placed in double. In the locker with unlocked face, the item will be automatically registered in the WMS intelligent storage system. The manager can query the real-time location and the three-dimensional image of the item in the library in 3D simulation mode at any time. Information, when the goods are out of the warehouse, scan comparison, confirm that 99.99% match with the goods into the warehouse to write off the inventory, increase storage security and standardization.

In the warehousing section, through the Huangpu Customs APP reservation, AI identification and 3D scanning tally, the efficiency of the goods involved in the warehousing and the accuracy of the data are improved; in the storage of goods, intelligent containers and electronic fences High-level security protection measures, forming an invisible and strict supervision network; in the outbound link, through the RFID tag management and big data analysis, the whole process of dynamic tracking, chain closure control; in the logistics management, through charts and 3D images For monitoring the location, inventory, and object status.

The trial and development of Jingdong Logistics Intelligent Equipment has opened a new chapter of “Smart Customs” and will continue to work with Huangpu Customs to jointly promote the application of “Intelligence Customs” such as Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Smart Customs" new ecology. In the future, a similar smart warehouse management system will be applied to the management of more law enforcement agencies and rare cultural relics.



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