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How to implement management of RFID technology in the robot production framework

News posted on: 2019/7/29 5:28:06 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How to implement management of RFID technology in the robot production framework

How to implement management of RFID technology in the robot production framework

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the field of intelligent automation has become the focus of attention in various manufacturing fields. The market demand for intelligent production is constantly upgrading and diversifying, and intelligent robots have become one of the core constructions; the production link with high risk factors is particularly important. RFID technology robots collect fast and accurate. In today's intelligent construction and manufacturing information integration construction, RFID technology has greatly reduced manpower investment and improved control efficiency. How RFID technology is implemented in the robot production framework.

There are also more and more applications for robots, especially those that cause harm to people. Therefore, the variety of robot parts has also begun to increase, and the output has also increased. In the face of a variety of robotic parts and a large number, the traditional production management method is to use manual labor management of the robot parts. The key to work efficiency lies in the employees, so the employees are related to the robot parts products during the work process. The speed of reading and identifying information will have an impact on accuracy, and the final result will affect the efficiency of work and even the quality of the robot parts. In the face of the existing management of the robot, we try to use automatic identification technology to improve the management of the robot parts.

RFID technology realizes automatic control and monitoring products on the production line of robot parts, which will greatly improve the speed and accuracy of production, improve work efficiency, improve production methods and save costs. The RFID tag can conveniently and accurately record process information and process operation information on the manipulator part production line to meet the needs of flexible production. The record of the worker's work number, time, operation, and quality inspection results fully realizes the traceability of production, and can also avoid mistakes caused by handwriting and visual information in the production environment. By identifying the model information on the RFID tag on the assembly line to determine whether it is the part number to be assembled, if it is, it will go to the next process to wait for assembly, and if not, filter it out.

At present, the warehouse management of manipulator parts is mainly based on the manual operation of the corresponding specifications and the semi-automatic management of the computer. The disadvantage is that a large amount of manpower is required to carry out the work of standardizing the items, regularly checking the inventory, and registering the inbound/outbound storage. This makes the warehouse management problem of the robot parts very cumbersome and wastes a lot of time. The warehouse management system design of the robot parts based on RFID technology is to realize the automation of the item exit/input control, the storage position and quantity of the items, and the information inquiry process. Managers conduct statistics, inquire and master the flow of materials.

An RFID electronic tag is attached to each tray of the robotic parts warehouse, and an RFID reader is installed on the door of the warehouse. Each warehouse manager has an RFID handset. In this way, before each batch of robot parts is put into the warehouse, the warehouse manager uses the RFID handset to scan the RFID electronic tags of the robot parts on each tray, and records the robot parts. When the robot parts of the tray enter the warehouse, the RFID reader at the door The robot part information on the label will be directly read out and stored in the computer for recording. The back-end information management system automatically generates records and accurately records where the robot parts are placed in the warehouse. When there is no longer a shipment, the warehouse personnel need to look in rows and rows.

If someone pushes the pallet out of the warehouse, the back-end system will immediately show that the robot parts have been shipped out and automatically generate a time record. This will not cause the inconvenience of the warehouse management personnel to forget to enter the information into the computer, it is difficult to check the data after the problem occurs, and if the warehouse management personnel themselves will not operate the computer, it will not generate information management. problem.

The application of RFID technology will perfectly assist the storage management of robot parts and become a carrier of information collection. RFID technology makes the robot arm smarter and more flexible, and constantly optimizes all the running links in the whole management, reducing the errors caused by many factors in the management process. A lot of labor costs are saved and work efficiency is improved.



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