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What RFID technology can do for hospital equipment assets

News posted on: 2019/7/31 1:50:36 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

What RFID technology can do for hospital equipment assets

What RFID technology can do for hospital equipment assets

RFID technology is used in the life cycle management of medical equipment, including procurement and storage, asset inventory, economic benefit analysis, equipment maintenance and repair until scrap.

RFID technology information platform construction

The hospital equipment department has a large amount of management information and requires the “identity” management accuracy of the equipment. RFID meets these requirements, can meet the needs of precise equipment management, and accurately and quickly generate “medical equipment information cards”.

When a new equipment is used, the hospital engineer checks the safety quality of the equipment and enters the relevant equipment name, specification, model, code, department, and investment time to establish a “medical information equipment card”—RFID. When the RFID tag is printed, it is pasted where the device is not easily accessible. Then use the scanner to quickly enter accurate equipment information, connect to the hospital system database, and track all changes of the equipment from the information of the equipment user, equipment assets, and asset properties.

1, equipment purchase and storage

The warehousing and delivery of medical equipment can be easily recorded in the RFID link. The RFID serial number generated for different batches is unique and can be implemented if specifically specified. Both the in and out of the library are scanned, and the same batch usage and purchase quantity are automatically adjusted, and the query is convenient.

2. Fixed assets inventory

Hospital equipment fixed asset management is a light weight in hospital management. It uses modern information technology to achieve efficient management and establish RFID management system assets. Can clearly understand the physical location, quantity and other related information of the equipment, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

3. Equipment depreciation

Depreciation of medical equipment is also an important task in equipment management. The recovery of scrapped fixed assets can not lead to the loss of fixed assets. Using the information management of RFID technology, it is found that the depreciation equipment is abnormal, and it can be settled directly on the network, and the use price is convenient.

The use of RFID technology has reduced the cumbersome workload of the hospital equipment department, and has played an important role in the life cycle management of hospital equipment, promoting the modern management process of hospitals.


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