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RFID technology will greatly improve the whole process management of clothing

News posted on: 2019/7/31 1:54:27 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology will greatly improve the whole process management of clothing

RFID technology will greatly improve the whole process management of clothing

The 15th RFID World Congress hosted by the China Internet of Things Industry Application Alliance was held in Suzhou, and more than 400 outstanding representatives from all sectors of the RFID industry industry chain participated. At the scene, Haier washing machine, as the sole representative of the home appliance industry, shared the application practice of Haier clothing networking under the Internet of Things model, and demonstrated the landing of RFID technology in the clothing industry, the store side and the user's home side. RFID technology will greatly improve the whole process management of clothing.

Through RFID technology, Haier Clothing Network has realized cross-border cooperation between the home appliance and apparel industries, and will incite two trillion-level markets. It is understood that this is the world's first time around the user's clothing needs, the integration of clothing, washing machines, detergents, RFID Internet of Things technology and other resources, to provide users with a comprehensive life cycle of washing, protection, storage, take and purchase clothing solutions.

Low supply chain efficiency, rising labor costs and blurred market trends are challenges for many apparel brands. In the face of large-scale collection, delivery, return, inventory, and sorting tasks, the industry's barcode management technology based product management model is time-consuming. Laborious, costly, and market judgments rely entirely on sales data. The application of RFID technology solves these problems. At the same time, it realizes the processes of automated production, warehouse logistics management, brand management and channel management, bringing convenience to the industry such as supply chain management, rapid inventory, traceability, anti-counterfeiting and intelligent services. Li Wei, deputy secretary-general of the China National Garment Association, said at the scene that the RFID radio frequency identification technology familiar to the Internet of Things integration market has injected the power of science and technology into the development of China's garment industry, and provided assistance for the solution of the overall problem in the development of the garment industry.

RFID radio frequency identification technology has been widely used as a communication technology. Haier Internet of Things is a forward-looking application of RFID technology in the technology of toiletries. The product management model based on RFID identification technology enables each product to have an "electronic identity". Automatically scan the clothing identity label, identify the material, color, style, etc., not only the relationship between the enterprise and the user changes, the factory end, the store end, the user end and other links are also generating transformation and upgrading in the Internet of Things era.

RFID technology saves manpower and material resources and realizes intelligent management at the factory: Through the matching RFID reading and writing equipment, the number of pieces, colors, styles and other information can be identified without opening the box after the clothes are packed, so that efficient delivery and inspection can be realized. At the same time, RFID technology can intelligently locate people, goods and vehicles, make the supply chain visible, greatly improve the space utilization rate, and realize the intelligent management of smart fabrics. At the storefront, the application of RFID technology can help stores get feedback on user preference data and guide market strategy. At the home end, the advantages of RFID technology are mainly reflected in the provision of customized care solutions for users: Haier smart washing machine equipped with RFID identification technology can intelligently identify the fabric material and brand of the fabric, and provide the best washing program for users after matching. It can be said that RFID technology has connected all the links in the entire clothing chain, further improving the whole process solution of clothing.


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