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How To Design Rfid Antenna

News posted on: 2019/8/10 6:51:58 - by John Lee - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How To Design Rfid Antenna

There are many consideration points in order to design a RFID antenna with good performance. 

how to design rfid antenna 

- how to make a uhf rfid antenna

- how to design hf antenna

Antenna problems in rfid systems

- metallic situation

- liquid situation

- reflection & distrubance

RFID reader antenna design VS rfid tag antenna design

1) long range rfid antenna

2) rfid reader antenna

8dbi mid range uhf rfid antenna is an universal reader antenna, you are able to find also other better range uhf rfid antenna such as 12dbi or lower RF gain 6dbi, 5dbi, 3dbi, 9dbi and 15dbi and so on. 

3) rfid antenna woven label

RFID antenna types we have to consider for real application

1) rfid antenna 125khz

2) antenna rfid 13 56 

3) uhf rfid antenna 860-960Mhz


In order to design a suitable implantable rfid antenna, the key point is to consider site application and the item where the tag will be used.


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