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Application of RFID technology in the pharmaceutical industry

News posted on: 2019/8/23 2:09:36 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of RFID technology in the pharmaceutical industry

Application of RFID technology in the pharmaceutical industry

In the past 100 years, major drug-related incidents have occurred frequently, especially the problem of counterfeit and inferior drugs, which has made people aware of the importance and urgency of strengthening the safety supervision of listed drugs.

Counterfeit drugs not only bring economic losses to people, but also bring great harm to people's medical treatment and even threaten people's lives. The masses of the people hate the fake drugs. Even some medicines have exceeded the expiration date. After being repackaged by illegal workshops, they have once again entered the circulation link, seriously endangering people's lives and health.

At the same time, because the therapeutic effect of counterfeit drugs is quite different from the genuine drugs of pharmaceutical companies, or there is no medical effect, and even worse, the disease is seriously damaged, which causes serious damage to the reputation of drugs, affecting the normal production and benefits of drug manufacturers.

These counterfeit drugs are not only the natural enemies of drug manufacturers, but also make consumers frightened when buying drugs. So, how can we resist the inferior drugs and expired drugs to enter the circulation? How to identify these drugs better and faster? True or false? RFID electronic tags are one of them.


With the rapid development of RFID technology, the use of RFID technology has also been invested in the management of pharmaceuticals, especially in the aspects of drug anti-counterfeiting, tracking and supply chain management.

RFID electronic tags have the characteristics of large storage capacity, fast transmission speed, non-counterfeit, and concurrent identification. They can be tracked in real time from the production, distribution, and sales of drugs, and the related data can be recorded and uploaded in real time using terminal products. .

In this way, accurate information flow can be obtained instantly, and monitoring in the circulation process can be enlarged and improved, anti-counterfeiting can be effectively realized, and counterfeit medicines can be injected into the market, which largely ensures the safety of medicines.

2. Features

01 Drug unique identification

In the pharmaceutical processing process, each drug packaging box is labeled with an electronic identification, and the unique identification code is given. The drug administrator scans and records information about the properties, production and use of the drug. This operation needs to be completed in the pharmaceutical processing.

02 Supply Chain Tracking

When the medicine is sent to the place of sale by the manufacturer, the warehouse management system records the time, place and seller of the electronic label, and traces and monitors the whole process from the factory to the distribution to the sale.

03 Drugs can be traced back to the source

By scanning the RFID electronic tag on the drug, the consumer can know the properties, production date, expiration date, date of manufacture, and distributor of each drug. Most of the information about drugs forms a traceable data link through the unique identification of drugs.

3. Technical advantages

1) Unique identification of each box of drugs to ensure that identification information is not copied or tampered with.

2) Due to the unique identity of the drug, the drug can be traced back through the whole process of monitoring the production, circulation and sales of the drug.

3) The recognition speed is fast. RFID drug management features fast scanning and can get thousands of messages in one second.

4) RFID electronic tag reading information is transparent and non-barrier, and can penetrate the non-metallic materials such as paper, wood and plastic to identify item attribute information.

5) High security. Because RFID tags carry electronic information, data content and operations, password protection can be used to make their content vulnerable to illegal forgery and alteration.

The quality of medicines is related to people's health. The promotion of RFID technology in pharmaceutical companies is conducive to raising the level of supervision, maximizing the prevention of counterfeiting and sales, improving the handling capacity of accidents, and enhancing consumers' trust in medicines and enterprises. At the same time, it is conducive to improving the informationization level and management ability of pharmaceutical companies, which is of great help to enhance the competition of enterprises.



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