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RFID Knowledges

RFID security technology

News posted on: 2019/8/27 1:41:20 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID security technology

RFID security technology

Whether it is video surveillance, building intercom or entrance control, the homogenization of products has increasingly awakened the alarm to the enterprise. “Technology for breakthroughs” has become the industry consensus. Who can occupy the "technical highland" can seize the opportunity. Among them, RFID technology is a technology that security companies have to pay attention to. RFID has the advantages of rapid scanning, small size, reusable, penetrating and barrier-free reading, large data memory capacity, anti-pollution ability and durability, which enable its rapid development and popularization. Similarly, the application of RFID technology in the field of intelligent buildings is like a duck in the water. Let's take a look at how their RFID technology makes buildings more "smart".

By setting the corresponding reader and locator in the area, using the position of the reader or locator to determine the location of the identification card (ie the visitor's card carried by the visitor), to achieve the location monitoring of the indoor and outdoor visitors The positioning accuracy can reach 2 meters. At the same time, using vehicle guidance systems, access control management systems, etc., a variety of intelligent management and monitoring can be realized to achieve comprehensive intelligent management of visitors.

RFID technology visitor location management system, with automatic access to visitor information, ID card anti-counterfeiting, intelligent management of visit information, real-time confirmation of visit process, etc.; can also establish a visitor information base, set up a black and white list of visitors, count the number of visits, etc. A feature that improves the efficiency of visitor management. At the same time, the use of advanced Internet of Things technology can provide indoor and outdoor positioning tracking, regional control and other supervision to visitors, and improve management.

Regional control: For specific security, confidentiality or other important areas, intelligent identification and control can be realized by authorizing the configuration of designated personnel. Visitors can only enter the area where the appointment is visited, and can promptly alert the visitors who enter or leave.

Elevator stratification control: For visitors who want to enter the office building, they need to swipe to call the elevator and can only call the floor of the respondent.

Illegal alarm: For illegally entering visitors, such as visitors entering other floors through stairs, the system can identify and alarm. In addition, the system can flexibly set various alarms according to actual conditions, such as access timeout alarms.

Track playback: The system can query and play back the historical track of personnel, historical data reports, etc. Through the electronic map, the historical trajectory of the designated person in a certain period of time can be played back in an animated form, and other specific information can be displayed by a chart. Specify a visitor, a certain time period (start time and end time), the system will display the detailed location information of the visitor at each moment in the form of a data list. At the same time, the historical track of the person can be played back in an animated form on the map, and the user can control the playback speed of the track playback.

Real-time statistics: The system provides real-time statistics on current visits, and supports real-time statistics on the number of visitors, the number of people interviewed, and the number of people in the area by region or building. Such as real-time query of the number of visitors on a certain floor, the number of visitors stranded in a certain area, and the current number of people interviewed. At the same time, the system has a query function, which can specifically query visitor information, interviewed personnel information, etc. by region or building.

Video linkage: The video linkage function is to bind the base station to the video surveillance device. When an alarm occurs, the system will promptly call the video surveillance device to the event occurrence site, and record the video information of the alarm location, and vice versa, that is, when the monitoring device finds the monitoring. When there is a suspicious situation in the area, the system will call the intelligent management system in time to perform the functions of positioning analysis and recording for the personnel in the monitoring area.

Summary: IoT technology has developed rapidly under the strong promotion of the country, and has been applied in all walks of life. Intelligent buildings have developed rapidly in recent years. The combination of Internet of Things technology and intelligent buildings will certainly accelerate the development of intelligent buildings and promote the progress of the Internet of Things technology itself.


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