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Application of Internet of Things Technology in Intelligent Logistics System

News posted on: 2019/9/3 1:00:01 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application of Internet of Things Technology in Intelligent Logistics System

Application of Internet of Things Technology in Intelligent Logistics System

Intelligent transformation of physical objects through the Internet of Things allows each managed object object to have certain characteristics similar to humans - extremely low, scattered, massive, and intelligent (distributed weak artificial intelligence) Collaborative network); at the same time, the object has the means of interaction with the surrounding and the end-to-end logistics process. The inter-organizational business support capability (data interworking and service opening are completed by the bearer of the object itself).

Every item in the logistics system spans from the original passive management mode to the active organization collaborative mode, realizing on-demand interaction and coordination between managed entity objects and people as managers, achieving flat and end business Driven, it can help logistics enterprises to carry out comprehensive transformation and upgrading of intelligence, digitization and visualization in transportation, warehousing, distribution and information platform construction, so as to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase in the case of high operating costs and high labor costs.

(1) Application of Internet of Things in logistics and transportation

As China's economic development enters a new normal, the growth rate of the domestic logistics industry has generally begun to slow down, and the competition in the logistics market has become more intense. At the same time, the labor costs and operating costs of major logistics companies are also increasing, while transportation is increasing. The core process of the daily operation of logistics enterprises is an important part of cost control and efficiency improvement.

Applying the IoT vehicle terminal to the logistics enterprise transportation vehicle can not only improve the visibility and real-time of the information, but also help the logistics management personnel to keep abreast of the cargo status and vehicle status, and can timely discover the road conditions and plan in a more scientific way. Transport routes to improve transportation efficiency and reduce transportation costs and cargo losses.

For example, in the process of transportation, traffic jams can be obtained in real time through the Internet of Things system, providing an effective reference for logistics managers to re-plan transportation routes, thus ensuring transportation efficiency to the greatest extent.

(2) Application of Internet of Things in warehousing management

The warehousing link is a key link affecting the operational efficiency of logistics enterprises. Through the centimeter-level IoT indoor high-precision positioning technology, all kinds of equipment safety and personnel operations in warehouse management and operation are accurately monitored, cargo safety, personnel safety and overall warehousing management. The efficiency has been greatly improved.

The Internet of Things technology enables logistics companies to reduce the labor cost and time cost of finding and identifying goods in the management of warehouses and warehouses, which makes it easier for managers to find materials. By using two-dimensional code, RFID technology and wireless sensors and other technologies and equipment, the speed of inspection can be doubled, making it easier for managers to check and dispatch more materials without opening the box. With the empowerment of the Internet of Things technology, the speed of outbound, warehousing and clearance of logistics enterprises has been greatly improved, and the cost of manual management has been greatly reduced, thus achieving the refinement, standardization and transparency of the warehouse management.

(3) Application of Internet of Things in distribution

In the distribution process, the employees of the logistics enterprise directly face-to-face with the customer, and the quality of the service directly affects the customer experience. In order to improve the low cargo information collection and interaction ability of traditional logistics enterprises in the distribution process, the slow delivery information feedback speed, and the indispensable distribution speed and product safety, logistics enterprises began to adopt the Internet of Things-based distribution management system to Intelligent, unmanned distribution replaces traditional manual operations, and uses RFID, wireless sensing and other technologies to automatically complete the sorting and distribution of goods.

After the information of the distribution link is automatically uploaded to the information sharing platform of the Internet of Things, logistics companies, suppliers and customers can get real-time feedback of logistics and distribution information, thus achieving a substantial increase in service satisfaction.

(4) IoT helps build logistics information sharing and sharing platform

The National Engineering Laboratory for the Sharing and Sharing of Logistics Information and the Application of the National Logistics Laboratory for the Insufficient Logistics Information Interconnection and the Asymmetric Information of Logistics Supply and Demand, To Build a Logistics Information Interoperability Sharing Platform to Promote the Interaction of Logistics Information between Enterprises and Improve the Open Standard System of Logistics Information Efficiently collect and process warehousing, transportation and distribution data for the logistics industry. The Internet of Things technology has laid a good foundation for the logistics information sharing and sharing platform. Through the application of the Internet of Things sensing technology such as QR code and RFID in the intelligent logistics system, the platform can further enhance the ability of the platform to organize and collect information, and improve the efficiency of logistics enterprises.


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