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Bar code technology has been used, why do you choose RFID tag technology?

News posted on: 2019/9/20 1:59:46 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Bar code technology has been used, why do you choose RFID tag technology?

Bar code technology has been used, why do you choose RFID tag technology?

First, the basic definition comparison

RFID technology, also known as radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that uses radio signals to identify specific targets and read and write related data without the need to identify mechanical or optical contact between the system and a particular target.

Barcode technology is an information technology that is developed and developed on the basis of computer and information technology, such as capacity coding, identification, data acquisition, automatic entry and fast processing.

Second, the value of misunderstanding: cost

Whether it is petrochemical, medical, automotive, aviation, rail transit, etc., all walks of life are gradually forcing to regulate their R&D, production and other business processes, and at the same time can identify and trace relevant fixed assets or product requirements, but This does not dictate what technology to use.

This led to the comparison of the value of RFID technology and ordinary barcodes. Enterprises must compare them from various aspects, but we found that everyone finally focused on the comparison of “costs”.

This leads to the value of RFID technology itself being ignored due to excessive emphasis on comparing the cost of the two technologies.

Although RFID and bar code technologies have some similarities, such as the goal of quickly and accurately confirming the tracking of target objects, they are fundamentally different:

RFID - Provides a non-visible, non-contact, remote automatic identification technology that automatically monitors and tracks assets continuously

Barcode - requires manual identification and then scans with the reader to identify the asset. The barcode cannot be occluded.

The practical application case proves that when the instrument is lost in the surgery and the device may be missed in the patient, the RFID can remind the doctor to check at the first time, but the barcode cannot be achieved. This is the value of RFID.

Of course, through the statistics of real-time RFID data of surgical instruments, we know at the first time which surgical equipments have high probability of use and frequency, and also provide clear statistical data for our future asset statistics management.

In our clothing industry, for example, in the fitting room, RFID can be used to collect consumer behavior data in real time. It is very clear that which clothes are tried and worn for a long time and combined with sales data, the sales funnel analysis can be realized.

Third, other value comparison

(1) Label anti-counterfeiting ability

The contents of the barcode cannot be changed, but can be copied and reused.

RFID tags are not like barcodes, and their unique identifiers cannot be copied and are unique numbers. The contents of the tag can be read and written repeatedly.

(2) Label use environment

The need for bar code alignment reading limits the durability of the bar code and limits its reusability. Paper-printed barcodes, damaged barcodes, frost-covered, water-damaged barcodes cannot be read in harsh conditions.

RFID tags are generally more rugged and durable, are not affected by the environment, and can withstand harsh environments such as high temperatures and water, acid and alkali resistance.

(3) Reading speed and target

Traditional barcodes need to be identified by one scan code. RFID tags can identify multiple objects at the same time, and the reading and recognition speed is much faster than traditional barcodes.



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